OWHL Welcomes Two Additional Team Members: Stephanie Scenna

Sitting at the Circulation Desk looking over the entire lobby of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library (OWHL), Stephanie Scenna kicked off her first week as the newest member of the OWHL staff with an friendly, enthusiastic smile.

As the evening proctor and one of the Sunday circulation staff, Scenna will help maintain a quiet, productive environment at the library as well as helping students with the research process.

Although she has had no prior experience working in a library, she has spent hours and hours in her school library during her undergraduate and graduate study days. “I commuted to school, so the library was always my go-to spot between classes, and I logged plenty of hours during my college education,” she said.

Looking beyond her primary duties as a circulation assistant, Scenna aspires to be a mentor figure for students who can relate to what they’re going through but also give guidance and support.

“I look forward to helping students out in whichever way I can at the OWHL. So far it’s come in handy with a book recommendation, but I’m sure as time goes on things will come up where I would be able to fall back on my researching days to point someone in the right direction.”

Scenna majored in Criminal Justice as an undergraduate at Northeastern University and continued her education at Tufts University, where she received her Master’s Degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. At Tufts, she was also an intern for eight months doing work relating to criminal justice and human resources.

When she was given an opportunity to work at Northeastern in employment, however, she realized that her true passion primarily lay in working in human resources. The role of the human-resources department in any organization is to serve employees and customers, helping them potentially find a job within a company, according to Scenna.

Working as a human-resources professional, Scenna learned how to treat customers and listen to what their issues were and help come up with a solution. Now she looks to draw from her previous experiences to assist Andover students with their research in particular.

“It feels wonderful to help a student out when they come to me for help, even if it’s simply recommending a book to a student for his or her research paper,” she continued.