An Apology

This week, my fellow editors Ryan Brigden, Phoebe Gould and I, Jamie Chen, published a cartoon we have learned is blackface. We are utterly ashamed that we did not recognize its offensive nature and we are horrified that we published this cartoon. We have removed it from the PDF version of the paper available online. 

_The Phillipian_ has a responsibility to publish student opinion and a responsibility to do no harm in the community. We work hard to edit the text of sensitive and controversial articles in all sections, yet images in the paper are no less important than text, and can yield just as much damage. This week we failed in regards to the cartoon, which was a terrible oversight and based on our ignorance.


We are grateful to classmates and faculty who are teaching us to see.



Jamie Chen
Editor in Chief vol. CXXXVII

Phoebe Gould
Managing Editor vol. CXXXVII

Ryan Brigden
Managing Editor vol. CXXXVII

_This editorial represents the view of _The Phillipian _CXXXVII __Editorial Board_.