Keepers of the Diamond: The Baseball Managers

They feed the baseball machines. They shag fly balls. They keep score. They have been the backbone of two consecutive Central New England Prep School Baseball League Championship teams.

These standout members of Andover Baseball are managers Mikaela Rabb ’14, a three-year Senior from Nashville, TN; Poonam Kamdar ’14, a three-year Senior from Andover, Mass.; and Sarah Eikenberry ’16, a two-year Lower from Andover, Mass.

“The managers do a lot of work behind the scenes that is both recognized and appreciated by all of the guys. They truly are awesome girls,” said Matt Whalen ’16, who plays middle infield.

Kamdar, a returning manager, is the veteran of the group. She took Eikenberry and Rabb under her wing at the start of the season and has introduced them to the world of Andover Baseball.

“I had never seen a baseball game before this spring. I have already learned a lot about the game in general, but it has been difficult. The players always laugh when I ask where home plate is or how to make a baseball diamond,” said Rabb.

Throughout practices, the trio of managers keep time, chart pitchers, work the bucket during batting practice and engage in numerous other tasks.

“Our role on the team is to help out in any way that the team sees fit during practices and games,” said Rabb.

During games, Eikenberry works the scoreboard and Kamdar keeps the book.

Rabb films each practice and game in stunning quality and refers to herself as “the Steven Spielberg of filmography.”

Before each home game, the managers also raise the American flag and the Andover Flag behind center field.

“The raising of the flags before games has been a big tradition throughout the history of Andover Baseball, and it is the manager’s duty to keep it alive,” said Kamdar.

The trio agreed that team camaraderie and inclusiveness are the best parts of Andover Baseball.

“All of the guys have really strong team spirit. They are all so excited to play and always very supportive of one another, which creates a really positive and fun atmosphere,” said Kamdar.

“[Head] Coach [Kevin] Graber makes a big effort to ensure that we feel like a part of the team and invites us to all of the team bonding events at his house,” said Eikenberry.

“My goal for the managers is to have an exciting, engaging, fun and active experience at our practices and games. I want them to feel like they are a part of the team. They are always on the move and are such an important part of what we do. They are a super important aspect of the team in my eyes,” said Graber.