What is The Clutch Collaborative?

The Clutch Collaborative inspired and empowered students to make change with their annual conference on April 20 in Kemper Auditorium. The conference featured three alumni speakers: John Kluge ’01, Sam Worthington ’76 and Heather White ’76.

This year’s speakers covered the topics of global sanitation, global social movements and labor rights.

John Kluge ’01 spoke about his passion for social innovation in global sanitation and his organization, Toilet Hackers.

Heather White ’76 screened a preview of her documentary “Who Pays the Price: The Human Cost of Electronics” and shared her experience making the film.

Sam Worthington ’76 discussed methods of creating effective social movements and advised students involved with the Feminism is Equality and More Than Just a Number movements on campus.

The Clutch Collaborative organizes events to encourage students to get involved in social entrepreneurship on campus.

“Jordan [Boudreau ’14, Co-Chair,] and I were really happy with the conference this year. We actually decided to scale down our initial plans to having only three speakers, and I think it worked really well. Everyone who attended was very engaged and interested,” said Janine Ko ’14, Co-Chair of the Clutch Collaborative.

Past Clutch events include a panel on “Students Making Social Change,” featuring six students who developed their own non-profit organizations, and a roundtable discussion with two alumni in the non-profit sector.

Last year’s conference featured keynote speakers Max Schorr ’99, founder of, and Ambassador David Scheffer, the first US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues. It also included four workshops from professionals in the non-profit sector.