Undefeated Reign

In the past eight years, Andover Girls Tennis has never won more than four matches in a single day against Hotchkiss. Riding on momentum from a win over Choate, Andover overtook a Hotchkiss team for the first time last Saturday.

Andover sent Choate home with an 8-1 loss en route to its 6-3 victory over Hotchkiss.

Over the exhausting seven-hour time period, some players played four matches — two singles and two doubles.

“Playing four matches in one day is certainly very intense, especially knowing that you’ll have to have enough energy to last the day, all while you’re trying to give it your all in a match,” said Isabella Haegg ’16.

Andover got off to a fast start early in the afternoon against Choate, with three quick, two-set wins coming from Reagan Posorske ’17, Co-Captain Campbell Howe ’14 and Katherine Tobeason ’14, playing number one, four and five, respectively.

Two more wins from Haegg and Co-Captain Camille Price ’15 led Andover into a decisive doubles sweep.

With only a short break in between matches, players needed to find ways to get reenergized for the next match. “I always rely on music to pump me up. In between matches, I eat an assortment of power bars and fruits,” said Posorske.

Haegg added, “We had tons of good food and snacks to keep our energy up throughout the day. Coach [Deborah] Chase was helpful with telling us what to eat to get good nutrients in between matches.”

After going up 4-2 at the end of singles against Hotchkiss, Andover only needed to win one doubles match to seal the victory.

Posorske and Price quickly seized the opportunity with a win at the one seed. Then, Haegg and Howe tagged on a win on Court 2 to add insult to injury.

“We’ve always been strong singles players, but this year our doubles have improved dramatically,” said Howe. “[Haegg] and I complement each other’s style of play really well on the court, and we cover each other’s weaknesses.”

The team is currently undefeated and shows no sign of slowing down. Last Wednesday’s home match against Deerfield was rained out, giving Andover more time to prepare for Saturday’s matchup against Exeter.