Shin Showcases Musical Repertoire in Senior Recital

Although transporting a hefty cello case to Graves Hall is not an enviable task, David Shin ’14 finds great reward in this burdensome trek.

Shin has played the cello for 13 years and has been an active participant in the Music Department throughout his three years at Andover. In his time at Andover, he has juggled private lessons with rehearsals for several different musical ensembles. In addition to participating in the highly selective Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Shin has played with a number of independent student groups, including the Origine Trio with Joshua Henderson ’15 and Seho Young ’15.

Shin’s Senior Recital on Saturday was the capstone of his Andover music career. Performing three sonatas with piano accompaniment, Shin showcased the skills he has been perfecting for years.

Shin, who said he never gets nervous before performances, opened the show with the andante movement of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Cello Sonata in G Minor, Op. 19.” The piece combined slow, airy, romantic portions with other deeper, louder ones.

“The Rachmaninoff was an easy choice [to play in the concert]. It’s a piece I enjoy performing and have played many times with [Young] on piano,” said Shin.

“Cello Sonata in D Major,” composed by Shin’s friend and classmate Gabriel Parlin ’14, followed the recital’s classic opener. The emotive composition alternated between slower motifs and light, energetic sections.

The show concluded with the three movements of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Cello Sonata No. 3 in A Major, Op. 69,” during which Harvey Wu ’14 accompanied Shin on piano. The piece’s brisk movements included a range of low and deep and high and loud notes.

“The sonata by [Parlin] is an amazing composition with some of the better melodies I’ve ever had the opportunity to play,” said Shin. “The third Beethoven sonata is one of the most cherished gems of the cello repertoire. It’s a monster of a piece, and I had fun performing it with [Wu].”

“David’s playing with the piano mixed so well. It was rather like great ingredients in a delicious cake, and when it filled us all up throughout the hall, it made us all feel a sense of warmth as if it was all our birthdays,” said Bryan McGuiggin ’15, an audience member.

Following Commencement in June, Shin plans to develop his cello skills further in college by playing in student orchestras and chamber music groups.