G1 Unable to Find First Win Against Kent

As Kent bolted from the starting line with incredible force, Andover trailed closely behind until about the 750-meter mark when its coxswain pushed the rowers to dig deeper and slowly Andover’s second boat began to close the gap.

Both boats battled for the lead throughout the body of the race and with 250 meters to go, Andover’s second boat began its final sprint to the finish line but fell short of first place by just 3.5 seconds. G1 also lost to Kent by 7.3 seconds.

“Kent has always been really fast off of the start and they normally come off with power and really high stroke ratings. If we had had more distance between our boat and the finish line we could have been able to pull ahead but we didn’t have that extra edge,” said Alec Kingston ’14.

G1 fell behind Kent during the early stages of the race as it did not get off of the starting line with as much power and was a few seconds behind Kent for the majority of the race. However, this race marked significant improvement for G1’s speed as last time it faced Kent, Andover lost by 15 seconds as opposed to 7.3 seconds.

“We are about 7 seconds faster than last year which is a huge success for the team. Our new mentality is that we stay long and strong, and this week in preparation for our race we will be working on our endurance in the body of the race,” said Elizabeth Kemp ‘15

Now that the team is a few races into the season, it can start to focus on specific aspects of its racing technique to get better.

“We definitely improved from the first race, however there is still more work to be done. Now the team is focusing on the middle 500 and working to make up the last 7 seconds we lost by,” said Julia Marcus ’15.

Andover will be racing against Exeter, NMH, Simsbury, Boston Latin, Shrewsbury, and Brookline this weekend on Lake Quinsigamond.

“This weekend our goal is to beat Exeter and start off with a win because we are racing them 3 times this season and they should be our toughest competition this Saturday. We are also racing Simsbury who we beat in our first race and we want to beat them by more to show our improvement from our hard work over the last two weeks,” said Marcus.