The Better Phillips: Andover Routs Exeter 7-0

Andover Golf Captain Kavan Canekeratne ’14 took a knee on the green, calculating the trajectory of his putt. Knowing that his match was on the line, Canekeratne sunk his 30-foot putt for eagle against Tabor on Saturday.

“When it went in, I was really more pissed than anything. I hadn’t made one all day, and of course that one went right in the center of the hole. It was funny since I eagled that hole last year to end the match too, but that time I chipped in,” said Canekeratne.

Andover Golf took home a 7-5 win over Tabor in the team’s first match of the season. Tyler Tsay ’15, Alexa Tsay ’17, David Todd ’16, Orlando Figus ’16 and Peter Hahn ’16 all won points in the victory.

“The difference between winning, tying and losing came down to a few putts at the end. This really was a huge team win,” said Hahn. “For example, if [Canekeratne] didn’t make that eagle on 18, the matches would have tied. Every point that we secured was very crucial.”

In a match versus Phillips Exeter Academy and Governor’s on Wednesday, Andover successfully defended the Lovell and Witherspoon Cups. Andover swept Exeter 7-0 with a very convincing win against the bitter rival.

Tyler Tsay shot a 76, while Canekeratne shot a 77. Alexa Tsay finished the round with a 77, and Eleanor Blum ’15 ended with a 78. Exeter and Governor’s failed to keep up with Andover’s top four.

Coming to Andover, Alexa Tsay was touted as an impact player to look out for. After winning both of her matches and playing in the top four on the ladder, she backed up all of the rumors. “It took me a week to adjust. I lost yardage, but I am getting used to it now,” she said. “The golf courses are a little bit browner and the conditions are wetter, but that’s all right.”

Andover faced Belmont Hill on Thursday and came out with a 6.5-5.5 victory.

The team will take on Holderness next Wednesday.