Girls Crew Season Opener: Racing On the Merrimack

As G1 of Andover Girls Crew approached the finish line, the team desperately fought to close the gap between its boat and that of Essex Rowing Club. Unfortunately, the girls lost to Essex by five seats, but finished ahead of Simsbury for second place.

In the first race of the year, G1 consisted of Mary Catherine Nanda ’14, Alec Kingston ’14, Cara Cavanaugh ’15, Charlotte Chazen ’15, Rachel Murree ’14, Julia Marcus ’15, Vienna Kuhn ’16, Efua Peterson ’14 and Alex Fowler ’14.

“Our goal for this race was the first 50 strokes. It was awesome because after the first 50 we were two seats up on Essex, but after that it was clear everyone got a little nervous and began to rush the slide,” said Marcus.

G2 found more luck, placing first and leaving a significant amount of water between it and second-place Simsbury.

Marcus said the team will work specifically on training for the body of the race in preparation for its race against Kent this weekend.

Although the Kent matchup will be tough, Andover and Head Coach Dale Hurley must retain their confidence to keep the season on track.