Spring Cleaning

As the last traces of ice vanish from the shadows and the yellowed grass of the lawns begin to sprout hints of jade, the Andover community is witnessing the changing of the seasons, as well as the annual rebirth of leadership. This past week, the work-weary leaders of the many student-run associations on campus carefully chose their successors, and underclassmen have suddenly found themselves staring into the headlights of an unpredictable future.

In such a time of transition, we all face uncertainty: Seniors, preparing to leave their established status here to re-enter the four-year cycle; Uppers, suddenly thrust into the limelight with the weight of leading the student body with or without a title; Lowers, maturing to establish themselves as academics and leaders; and Juniors, still finding their niche at Andover.

While we pride ourselves on being independent at Andover, the reality is that we are still students. We are still adolescents ranging from ages 13 to 19, and we make mistakes. We are still capable of getting hurt and hurting others, and inexperience and immaturity prevent us from being “right” all the time.

Co-Presidents. Cluster Presidents. Blue Key Heads. Prefects and Proctors. Board positions. As we assume leadership, our choices begin to affect more people than just ourselves. More and more the action of an individual will impact a friend, a team or a club. That responsibility may seem both exciting and daunting, as stakes are higher and the expectations weightier.

Mistakes are inevitable, and should not be feared; only through reflection and awareness can we truly grow and improve. Titles and seniority do not equate to flawless judgment, and as a community it is important to remember to be open to forgiveness.

Spring is the term in which we start anew. Forgive and forget the harsh winter.

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII.