Seniors Charge the Goal, Fall by Five

The Senior trio Captain Nekele McCall ’14, Meredith Collins ’14 and Olivia Cabral ’14 spearheaded the charge against Middlesex on Wednesday, scoring all of Andover’s six goals.

At halftime of the season opener, the relentless Andover attack endangered Middlesex’s narrow one-goal lead.

In the second half, however, unforced fouls on the Andover side led Middlesex to capitalize and pull away on a six-goal run.

“We had to play a man down for a lot of the second half, because we had three yellow cards. So that’s always hard,” said McCall.

“Our defense got tired, our midfield got tired, so that kind of resulted in Middlesex running away with it,” she added.

Andover’s offense was unrelenting, and Caroline Garrity ’15 continued to pressure and threaten Middlesex’s hold on the game with a slew of shots on the goal. She was ultimately unable to find the net, though, and Andover’s two-goal response led Middlesex to an 11-6 victory.

The game showed promise in new additions to the team, as Beth Krikorian ’17, Lexi Davidson ’17 and Kelly McCarthy ’16 all saw time on the field.

“It can be hard to get into the system as a new player and know where to go and what to do, but I’m really confident in our new players. I think they’ll make a great impact,” said McCall.

Andover’s next game is on Saturday at Nobles and Greenough. Nobles traditionally fields a very strong team, and Andover must recover quickly to pose a challenge.