With the Spring season in full swing on Andover Hill, The Phillipian is giving you an inside look at this year’s promising athletes. Look for this collection of players from all grades on surfaces of all kind. From the Phelps Stadium to the Merrimack River, these athletes are expected to make large impacts on Andover Athletics in 2014.

As the season progresses, stay tuned for more details on their respective performances.

* * *

Reagan Posorske ’17



On the Girls Tennis courts, watch out for star Reagan Posorske ’17, a nationally-ranked four-star prospect on At only 5’1”, Posorske hits with plenty of power and maintains impressive athleticism that allows her to cover the whole court.

According to teammate Isabella Haegg ’16, Posorske’s ball placement and consistency make her an extremely tough opponent.

Haegg added that her hard serve is one of her most dangerous shots.

This past winter, having never played before, Posorske made the Girls Varsity Squash team, further demonstrating her innate racquet ability, according to Squash Captain Madeleine Mayhew ’15.

* * *

Matt Fischetti ’14



Don’t blink, or you’ll miss Andover Boys Track Co-Captain Matt Fischetti ’14. Fischetti isn’t just fast. Try really fast. Really, really fast. Fischetti runs the 110-meter hurdles and the 300-meter hurdles, throws the javelin and is a member of the 4×400-meter relay. In his best event, the hurdles, Fischetti’s strong lower body and long legs allow him to clear hurdles with ease while maintaining speed through his jumps.

Fischetti builds on his natural talent with a strong work ethic. Spending hours in the gym after practice, Fischetti hones his craft around the clock. Fischetti is committed to to Johns Hopkins University for Division I Track & Field.

* * *

Amy Morin ’14



When it comes Andover Girls Lacrosse team, don’t lose sight of Amy Morin ’14. Described by her teammates as an extremely solid defender, Morin’s strength and speed make her an exciting player to watch on the defensive end of the field. Morin excels at communicating with her teammates in games; she coordinates the positioning of the defense around the net to make the goalie’s job just a little easier. With Captain Nekele McCall ’14 still recovering from injury, Morin has stepped up to a leadership role with this team.

* * *

Ravenne Nasser ’15


Over at Graves Field, Ravenne Nasser ’15 and the Andover Softball team will try to complete the four-peat. Nasser leads the way on the mound with a 64-mph fastball, a dirty 10-4 curveball and a 40-mph changeup to mix things up. Mackenzie Bradford ’15, Nasser’s catcher, says she loves working with her because she attacks each hitter with a defined approach and is “extremely reliable.”

Nasser sets up batters high-and-inside with a fastball and then sends them away away with a changeup that comes in 20 mph slower than her heater. Expect to hear about her work as the ace of this team in search of a fourth championship.

* * *

Kevin Superko ’14


On the Ultimate field, Senior Alec Tolentino ’14 is not playing around. A bi-varsity athlete, Tolentino was a member of the 2013 New England Champion Varsity Football team. With a blistering, NFL-caliber 4.6 40-yard dash, Tolentino has the speed to blow by pretty much anyone. As for power, Tolentino uses his strong lower half to explode up and snatch the disc away from any competitors.

* * *

Ian Whittall ’14



On the Cycling course, look for Ian Whittall ’14 to turn some heads this Spring Term. To teammate Nick Swenson ’15, Whittall is reminiscent of Lance Armstrong. Hyperbole aside, Whittall has the fastest cadence on the team and never stops pedaling, according to Swenson. He consistently rides in a low gear, which allows him to minimize the resistance on the pedals. To go along with his low gear and fast cadence, Whittall sports incredible stamina and uses that to his advantage. While his maximum speed won’t blow away the competition, he manages to sustain his pace better than anyone else on the cycling team.

* * *

Colby Fagan ’14



On the Girls Crew team, Colby Fagan ’14 is the undisputed leader of this year’s group of girls. According to teammates, Fagan works hard to involve each and every member of the team and consistently holds team dinners, workouts and meetings. Look for Fagan’s strength and consistency to propel the first boat to success.

“We are not focusing on the past and what we weren’t able to do. We are determined to work hard and produce results we all can be proud of. Our strength this season is the commitment each girl shows when they step foot in the boat and focus on what needs to be done each day,” said Fagan.

* * *

Ben Hawley ’15



Ben Hawley ’15 is poised to build on his strong showing last year as Andover Boys Crew attempts to reclaim the title of the best crew team in the league. Coming in at a towering 6’5”, Hawley has a knack for keeping the rhythm and pace of the boat, consistently pulling with composure and finesse. Teammate Marc Sevastopoulo ’15 said that there are two different kinds of rowers: Those who pull as hard as they can and then collapse when they are needed most and those who race from start to finish. Ben Hawley is a prime example of one of a rower who keeps his pace from beginning to end and just keeps on pulling, one fierce stroke after another, according to Sevastopoulo.

* * *

Austin Gaiss ’14



Andover Boys Lacrosse sends a D1-studded cast out onto the field this year, headlined by Notre Dame commit Captain Austin Gaiss ’14. A four-year Varsity player, Gaiss leads by example. Teammate Jack Lu ’16 said that the team loves playing behind him due to his natural ability and positive attitude. With a shot registering around 97 mph on the speed gun and elite foot speed to go with it, Gaiss is always a threat to score around the net. Lu also noted that Gaiss’s stick skills and vision enable him to lead and run the offense effectively.

* * *

Kait Simpson ’14



In the pool for Girls Waterpolo, Co-Captain Kaitlin Simpson ’14 figures to be an important part of this year’s team. Former teammate Gina Soutendijk ’15 remembers Simpson as a leader for the team in and out of the pool. With her ability to dominate the competition, she was an example to follow during games, but it was her humble demeanor in spite of her talent endeared her to teammates when the goggles and swimming caps came off. Committed to Tulane University, a Division 1 school, the bi-varsity swimmer should help to repeat last year’s successful season and continue to turn heads in the pool.

* * *

Christopher Kralik ’16



Christopher Kralik ’16, who hails from Shanghai, China, is the returning number two on the Andover Boys Tennis ladder. According to former teammate Quinn Daly ’13, Kalik’s strength lies in his consistency and killer instinct. He consistently works the ball deep into the opposing court without letting up. Kralik’s ability to finish off points demoralizes opponents, launching rocket after rocket towards the baseline. An ideal balance of mental and physical prowess puts Kralik firmly near the top of the ladder and figures to make him a tough out this year.

* * *

Alex Tamkin ’14



Make sure to catch Co-Captain Alex Tamkin ’14 and the rest of Andover Boys Volleyball on the courts. Tamkin, who measures in at 6’, plays as an outside hitter on the team. Tamkin, a new Upper last year, finished last season as perhaps the Most Valuable Player for the boys. The key to Tamkin’s game is power. The returning Senior combines his impressive power with an uncanny ability to spike the ball wherever he wants. According to teammates, his combination of power and finesse is hard to find at the high school level.

* * *

Camille Little ’16



Camille Little ’16 is a young runner looking to sweep the competition in her second year on the track. Little’s textbook form allows her to compete in a number of events including the 100-meter dash, 4×100-meter relay, 200-meter, 400-meter and 4×400-meter relay. Little excels at the 100-meter dash because of her amazing running form and quick start. Teammate Diana Tchadi ’14 notes that her ability to come out of the box firing on all cylinders is staggering.

* * *

Kavan Canekeratne ’14


Over at the Golf course, Kavan Canekeratne ’14 will try to reclaim his spot at the top of the ladder. Canekeratne consistently hits his drives over 200 yards, allowing him to get a leg up on the competition. Hitting the ball farther allows him to hit the more lofted clubs into the greens. Canekeratne also excels around the greens, allowing him to consistently finish holes well. But, it’s his driving length, accuracy and consistency that unlock the other parts of his game.