Promising Talent In Underclassmen-Oriented Team

As the snow finally melts and the sun shines over the rubber tracks that surround the fields of Andover, the Andover Track and Field team looks to start another season. The new term brings exciting opportunities for the team, which boasts new and robust talent, along with experienced returning stars.

Last year, the Girls and Boys teams finished fifth and sixth respectively at the New England Prep School Track Association (NEPSTA) Division I Championships. Both teams hope to improve on those finishes.

“Last year, the Girls team did well, and it was great to have a range of people in almost every event,” said Peyton McGovern ’16, who finished 14th in the Girls 1500-meter run at the NEPSTA Division I Championships.

She continued, “It was also a key rebuilding year. The Junior class brought some great track athletes which was really exciting. At Interschols there were some truly standout performances from girls of all grades that showed great promise for this year’s team.”

Caroline Shipley ’16, who placed third in the Girls 400-meter dash, added, “We had a fair amount of injuries, but we still ended up with a solid record, some really strong individual performances throughout the season and a few records. There was also a lot of improvement throughout the team over the course of the season.”

Even though the team finished the year with an honorable record, runners such as Derek Yau ’15 were not impressed. “We didn’t really get too far at Interschols, which is the big meet we train for,” he said.

Yau, a triple-jump star, however, is also looking forward to the upcoming season.

He added, “We got a lot of Juniors to join the team; a lot of people who have the potential to contribute to the team in big ways.”

The underclassmen exhibit exciting new talent for the upcoming year, but Andover’s Track and Field team will be guided by the experienced leadership of Co-Captains Diana Tchadi ’14 and Rob Rush ’14.

Rush, who helped the Boys team take third place in the 4×100-meter relay during Interschols, and Tchadi, who helped net the girls second place in the 4×100-meter relay, both boast impressive records.

“We’re looking forward to the passionate leadership from the Co-Captains Diana Tchadi and Robert Rush through their devotion to the sport and the team,” said Andrew Wang ’16.

Even though the team has a promising set of athletes, it appears to be shorthanded in some areas.

Yau added, “For the jumpers we are shorthanded. I’m not sure how we’re going to tackle that issue just yet. Maybe Rob Rush and I will try to recruit some guys and encourage them to try the jumps.”

Wang continued, “Our goal this year is to run faster, throw farther and jump higher through blood, through sweat and through tears — just like every year. That’s the endless pursuit of the athlete who steps onto the Big Blue track.”