Core of Returners Carry Team

Led by Co-Captains Colby Fagan ’14 and Victoria Everett ’14 and new Head Coach Dale Hurley, Andover Girls Crew anticipates a strong performance from a largely returning team.

“After seeing what the girls produced during preseason alone, we have high hopes for the team. Throughout the years that I have been part of the team, we have experienced ups and downs, but this year is going to be different,” said Fagan. “A great level of respect and trust for one another has been established. We have significantly greater experience and depth this year.”

Everett, who is currently sidelined by a knee injury, said, “We hope to continue building the great momentum established with this new team. With new coaches and new rowers, we anticipate an exciting change in the Girls Rowing program.”

The experience of the team combined with a greater influx of new rowers than in recent years will allow for six total boats this season and a much larger talent pool.

Last season, G1 did not win any regular-season races but finished ninth in the final New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (Interschols) race and third at petite finals. G2 finished 2-5 during the regular season and placed third at Interschols.

“Because the talent is fairly equal throughout all six boats and certain spots in the top two boats will be interchangeable, the team will prioritize finding the combination of girls that will produce the best results.

“Rowing is more mental than physical, which is why our mentality has been a huge focus for the team this preseason. It is each individual’s responsibility to pull harder so the person behind them can pull lighter,” said Elizabeth Kemp ’15.

A large component of developing this new mentality will fall on Hurley, who stresses the importance of team unity.

“Team unity is crucial for every rowing team because crew can sometimes become inter-competitive, which never leads to good results, especially in races,” Kemp added.

The team will also spend more time on injury prevention with added stretching and core exercises.

As Andover Girls Crew expands and shifts its goals, the team hopes to catapult its boats to a successful season.

“This will be a year of growth for everyone as we improve individually and as a team. Each girl has been given the responsibility of believing in each other and molding a new level of commitment to this season and many seasons to come,” said Everett.

The team will test the waters in its first race against Simsbury and Glastonbury on April 5.