Andover Model UN Outcompetes 75 Other Schools at BosMUN

After three days in Boston this past weekend, PA Model United Nations Club (PAMUN) emerged as the winner of the 13th annual Boston University Invitational Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN).

Twenty-eight Andover delegates competed against 1,400 other students from over 75 schools across the nation. Twenty-one Andover students came away with individual awards for their public speaking, persuasiveness and ability to resolve national and international disputes.

“It really felt like a full team effort to win this weekend. Everyone had a great weekend, loved their committees and did really well. We really couldn’t have asked for more this weekend. For me, it was the best way possible to complete my four years at BosMUN,” said Laura Bucklin ’14, Co-Head of PAMUN.

Abigail Keller ’14, Co-Head of PAMUN, said, “We tried a slightly new strategy for this year. We brought fewer people, knowing that we would be going to other big conferences, and so we tried to match delegates specifically to committees where we felt they would excel instead of just randomly assigning.”

“In addition to our club meetings, we had hour, two-hour-long individual sessions over the weekends about a month in advance,” she continued.

Tejasv Arya ’15, Alexandra Barr ’15, Bucklin, Juan Pablo Villarreal ’15, Akhil Rajan ’17 and David Yoon ’14 were each awarded with the Best Delegate award, the highest individual award.

The club will be travelling to Dartmouth College after the spring break to participate in another MUN conference.

“The whole objective is to kind of expand PAMUN’s reach in terms of conferences. [Bucklin and I] hope that at some point, maybe the different board next year, will go to at least three — one per term — major conferences,” said Keller.