Seniors Cap off Final A/E With Decisive Victory

After dropping an intensely competed 10-12 opening game in her match when Andover Girls Squash’s match against Exeter on Wednesday, Misha Hooda ’14 recollected herself in the intermission and came out with an unwavering conviction to redeem the close loss. With her inspired play, Hooda more than doubled her opponent’s score in the second game and did not move an inch in the third, only relenting two points. In the fourth and final game, Hooda once again made quick work of her opponent as she won 11-5.

This was Andover’s second matchup against archrival Exeter this season. Despite a change in venue, the results remained the same: in both matches, Andover posted an intimidating 6-1 victory.

Andover was scheduled to oppose both Milton and Choate on Saturday, but was forced to cancel due to snow conditions.

With the win over Exeter, the team’s record progressed to 14-4. This year will mark the fifth consecutive in which the team has improved its standing.

“All across the board, the level of play was high. Everyone was spirited and eager to beat Exeter for the second time this season,” said Co-Captain Madeleine Mayhew ’15.

At the Exeter match, Mayhew inspired the team with a four-game win. Despite winning the first 11-8, Mayhew, playing the number two position on the ladder, fell 6-11 in the second. However, in the third and fourth games, she turned the score around in her favor and shut down her opponent, winning the the third and fourth games 11-6, 11-4, respectively.

Claire Kister ’16 at number six, posted a very similar match, winning the first, dropping the second and then closing the match out in the third and fourth games.

The lone loss of the day came from Co-Captain Adéle Bernhard ’14, who lost in three closely contested games at the number one position.

Aside from the two four-game wins and Bernhard’s loss, the rest of the girls took their matches in three games. All four of the team’s Uppers took their matches.

“This season has been phenomenal,” said Emma Crowe ’15, who plays at the number five position.

Crowe continued, “Everyone has worked so hard, improved so much, and the team as a whole has become so much closer as a single entity. I think today was really emotional for everyone, as the last Andover-Exeter match for the seniors and our last match of the season as well. It was definitely a fantastic way to close up the season, and a great way to move into Interschols.”

This weekend, Andover Girls Squash will compete in Interschols hosted at Groton. Each Andover player will be placed in a draw with 13 other girls, all of whom play the same number on the ladder. For example, Mayhew will be placed in a draw with thirteen other number twos.