Head Turners: Three Easy Hairstyles for Blue and Silver

_You have a date, a dress and a craving for the chocolate fountain, but what about your hair? Let hair stylist Kinsey Yost ’15 help, as she creates three stunning looks on model Annie Littlefield ’15 that you can recreate easily to shine at Blue and Silver this year. Whether you are ready for an up-do to highlight those shoulders that have been trapped under long sleeves all winter long, or want to freely whip your hair on the dance floor, we have a fantastic look for everyone this winter._

* * *

The Cinna-Bun


The bun is a classic style that always looks sleek and elegant. If you are confident with the inside-out braid or the French braid, this is a hairstyle that will be easy and rewarding. This up-do is highly recommended for those with bangs that you just want to get out of your face, and those with medium to long hair. This up-style might be slightly more stressful for layered hair, however, because it requires pinning up any and all loose ends. In that case, you can bobby pin loose pieces back underneath your braid.

Step 1: Whether it is to the right or left side, start by parting your hair slightly off center.

Step 2: On the side with more hair, take a large section and split it into three smaller sections as if you were starting a side French braid. The trick is to do a reverse French braid, braiding hair strands under rather than over.

Step 3: Continue braiding by adding hair from the side and bottom until you get to the corner of your eyebrow.

Step 4: From here, start turning the braid towards the center back of your head while still adding hair. This should create a “C” shape.

The trick is to do a reverse French braid, says Yost.

Step 5: When you almost hit the center-back of your head, start scooping pieces from the other side of your part into your braid.

Step 6: Now, rather than adding pieces that start at the bottom of your head, only add pieces that are directly below the actual braid. This leaves a good amount of hair at the bottom to use for the spiral.

Step 7: After all of the front hair is in the braid, start braiding down towards your neck, adding all the hair that is located by your ear. At this point, your braid should have a nice “S” shape.

Step 8: Start turning towards the same side you started your braid from. Include all of the leftover hair at the bottom until there are no more strands remaining. This leads you to the corner of your head on the same side you started the braid. Tie the end of your hair to secure the braid.

Step 9: Now for the actual bun, take the braid up and wrap it around in a circle and roll it into the center.

Step 10: Finally, secure the middle and any loose ends of the bun with bobby pins.

* * *

The Braidy Bunch


Love the way your hair looks down? With this fun hairstyle, you can add texture with a few braided sections running along the sides. The beauty of this style is that it works well with both short and long hair. Furthermore, you can leave bangs out in the front or tie them back along with the braids. Whether you leave hair straight or curl it up, this simple look is very easy to create. Looks like this are recommended when wearing a heavier, “wintry” dress. If you want to take this look to the next level, make it your own with an accessory in the back

Step 1: For this style, you can choose to part your hair down the center or part it down the side. Either option will give you the desired look.

Step 2: Take a section of hair from the top of one side and begin to braid it backwards. Keep the braids loose, not pinned to your head. Replicate this step on the other side until the two braids meet. Then, tie the two sides together in a low ponytail at the back of the head.

Step 3: Again, braid two sections from each side using hair located directly below the braid. However, this time, braid these two strands like a reverse braid, where each strand of hair is braided under the other (rather than over).

Step 4: Tie the two braids together and include the ponytail made from the first set of braids.

Yost chose to finish this look with a blue ribbon.

Step 5: Again, below the two sets of braids, braid two more strands and bring them to the back. This time, braid it like a regular braid, not a reverse one.

Step 6: Tie these two braids together and include the ponytail from before so you have a combination of three sets.

Step 7: Finish it off with a bow, ribbon or clip.

* * *

The Elegant Twist



Who doesn’t love a hairstyle that you know will last you all night long? It’s perfect for sweeping your hair out of the way to show off that dress you spent hours picking out. Even if your shoulders are the focal point of your outfit, this braided sock bun sweeps your hair out of the way. This hairstyle works best on medium-length hair, but if you have long hair, it only requires a little more patience to make it work wonderfully.

Step 1: Part your hair to either the left or right side.

Step 2: On one side, grab a section of your hair and twist it inwards, pinning it against your head as you go. This part is tricky. Because it is a twist, try having a friend hold this section of your hair because putting a clip to hold it will untwist the twist.

Step 3: Next, repeat the same twist, but on the opposite side.

Step 4: From here, pull your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head while adding in the side twists. The higher the ponytail, the higher the bun.

Step 5: Now for the sock! Cut the tip of a sock so that both ends have a hole. Make sure that the sock is thick enough to give your bun the maximum amount of volume. Start rolling the sock inside out until it forms a doughnut shape.

Use a sock to help create this elegant up-do.

Step 5: Put your ponytail through the hole of the sock, and slide the sock to the top of your ponytail.

Step 6: Spread your hair over the sock and grab a piece of hair from the middle. Divide the small chunk of hair into three sections and do a regular three-stranded braid. Then tie it off with an elastic band. Repeat this step as many times as you would like.

Step 7: Hold the end of your ponytail straight up in the air, and slide the doughnut to the tip of your hair.

Step 8: This part is very tricky and may take a few attempts. While your ponytail is in the air, spread the ends so they lay evenly across the doughnut. Begin tucking and rolling your ends around the sock doughnut. It might look wrong at first, but once you hit the base, the bun will begin to form.

Step 9: Once you hit the base of your ponytail, your bun should sit securely on the top of your head.

Step 10: It is likely that your braids got lost in the process. Try picking them out from underneath the bun. Whether you place all the braids on one side or spread them evenly around the bun, they will add elegance to a simple bun.