Campus Celebrates Second Annual Korean Week

The aroma of bibim bop, noodles and fried rice floated through the dining halls of Paresky Commons on Thursday night. The Korean dinner in Commons was one of several events organized by Andover Korean Society (AKS) for the second annual Korean Awareness Week. “I believe that every CAMD student organization most likely has the need to organize an awareness week because the majority of the people at Andover are not exposed in depth to the numerous ethnic cultures that exist in this community,” said Clint Yoo ’14, Co-President of AKS. Rhaime Kim ’15, Co-President of AKS, continued, “I’m often surprised at how little my peers know about Korea. I hope Korean Awareness Week raises more awareness about Korea — that there’s a much richer culture to our country than just K-Pop and our drama shows.” On Monday, students and faculty had an opportunity to interact with Paul Yoon, the Writer-in-Residence at Andover, who is of Korean descent. “Memory of Forgotten War,” a documentary sketching the lives of four Korean-American survivors of the Korean War, was shown on Tuesday as students has feasted on authentic Korean foods from Rega’s Grill, a restaurant in Lawrence, Mass. The week will end with a karaoke session with snacks and traditional Korean games at 1924 House on Friday night. “I think that it’s giving the students we have here from Korea an opportunity to be proud of their heritage and show a part of who they are. Because they’re so far from home this lets them bring Korea a bit closer to Andover,” said Aya Murata, Advisor to AKS. The events were made possible by a donation from the Andover Korean Parents Association to AKS last year.