Healthy Fourth Meal Options to Energize Late Night Studies

Boarders will now have a wider variety of healthy foods to order for “Fourth Meal” or school-provided snacks. With a new initiative started by Agatha Kip, School Nutritionist, in collaboration with Paresky Commons and the Dean of Students, apples, granola, yogurt and celery sticks will be available for Fourth Meal. “Because the Power Bar has been so very well received, we wanted to create a repertoire of ‘power snacks’ which dorm students could have at night at no cost,” said Kip. Fourth Meal is ordered by students in dorms for free from Commons. The new items will be added to the current fourth meal menu, which currently includes chips, pretzels, popcorn and NutriGrain bars. After sending a school-wide survey about new Fourth Meal options, Kip, Paresky Commons and the Dean of Students decided on the final additions to Fourth Meal menu. “Students, including some prefects and proctors, were also crucial to this effort, since their ideas and input gave us a student voice as we worked to create the new options…” Kip said. “[The] effort was a true collaboration, and we all eagerly await feedback from [students] all so we can determine if we have a success. We are hoping that [students’] studying is fueled more powerfully, which, in turn, will give [students] a healthier eating environment and a sense of being well-energized when doing homework,” she added. The new Fourth Meal is part of Kip’s efforts to create more energizing and healthy foods for students to help campus nutrition overall. “As with the power bar, some of the new snacks are more nutrient-dense so the calories are not ‘empty’ but ‘nutrient-filled,’” said Kip. These nutrients allow students to work while remaining motivated.