After 29 Issues, CXXXVI Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

On Thursday night, the 30 students of _The Phillipian_ Board CXXXVI emerged from the hallows of the basement of Morse to make the familiar trek back to their respective dorms one last time.

This week marks the last issue for the 136th board and the first for the 137th. Although _The Phillipian_ Board CXXXVI will hand over the reins, their influence will live on in CXXXVII.

“We made a lot of structural changes to this year’s masthead—we added the COO, media editors and a brand new video section. Hopefully, these new positions will provide CXXXVII with the manpower to execute some of the many ideas that are floating around the newsroom,” said Stephen Moreland ’14, Editor in Chief CXXXVI.

Under CXXXVI, _The Phillipian_ launched an endowment campaign, began a partnership with Lawrence High School and strengthened connections with the community through increased social media presence.

Jamie Chen ’15, former Sports Associate, will succeed Moreland as President and Editor in Chief.

“Jamie and her team are incredibly motivated, skilled and dedicated. Although I will definitely miss spending all day and night in the newsroom, I couldn’t be more excited to witness the amazing things that CXXXVII will bring to the table,” said Moreland.

“The undeniable success of _The Phillipian_ as a platform for discussion last year, tapping into the feminist movement and co-presidency, among other notable events on campus, serves as a testament to the incredible foresight and insight of Stephen and CXXXVI.” said Chen. “I hope that we can live up to the high standards that they have set for us.”

?On Upper Management, Janine Ko ’14, Executive Editor, Anika Kim ’14, Managing Editor, and Sophia Lloyd-Thomas ’14, Managing Editor, will also step down.

In the new structure of CXXXVII, the position of Executive Editor will be replaced by that of the Chief Operating Officer, assumed by former Online Associate Eleanor Blum ’15. Blum will envision _The Phillipian_’s future as a business beyond the physical paper and spearhead initiatives that will enhance the paper through different medias.

“The lack of an Executive Editor on the new UM is intended to disguise the fact that I won’t actually be leaving the newsroom. But in all seriousness, I have no doubt that they will—with the addition of the COO and the legitimization of the business board—be able to lead the paper to greater heights,” said Ko.

Moreland said,“I look forward to seeing what Ellie does with this new position of COO. Her perspective will be vital to the success of the paper, especially with the current efforts to become a 24/7 hybrid news organization.”

Ryan Brigden ’15, former Copy Associate, and Phoebe Gould ’15, former News Associate, meanwhile, will succeed Kim and Lloyd-Thomas as Managing Editors.

“Ryan and Phoebe will soon realize that they have to use Captain’s Pizza to bring the editors down to the newsroom and that it’s more like babysitting than managing. Without the pay, of course. They will also realize that it’s all worth it, and I have no doubt that they will do a great job of managing the newsroom and the paper,” said Kim.

?CXXXVII will also include Media Section Editors, whose responsibilities will include managing online and media components of their sections: breaking news online, tweeting sports games and supporting future initiatives to expand _The Phillipian._

Rani Iyer ’15, News Media Editor, and News Editors Madeleine Mayhew ’15, Chris Li ’15 and EJ Kim ’15 will comprise the News Section, replacing Emma Mehlman ’14, Andrew Yang ’14 and Sydney Adams ’14.

“_The Phillipian_ has changed my experience by putting me into a sleepless daze for about nine months and creating enough brain damage that I can no longer remember Upper Winter. Aside from that, I have made some of the best friends I’ve ever had in the newsroom,” said Mehlman.

Meera Patel ’15, Grace Tully ’15 and Lily Grossbard ’15, former Commentary Associates, will replace Commentary Editors Joey Salvo ’14 and Katia Lezine ’14.
“To me, Commentary represents the spirit of the school, so it’s only fair that Lily Grossbard, Meera Patel and Grace Tully, three of the most spirited people I’ve ever known, hold its fate in their hands,” said Salvo.

Charlotte Berry ’15 and Peyton Alie ’15 will be Arts and Leisure Editors following Jenna Shin ’14 and Stephanie Hendarta ’14. Victoria Skrivanos ’15 will take on the role of Arts and Leisure Media Editor.

Kailash Sundaram ’15, Sports Media Editor, and Andrew Zheng ’15 and Patrick Daly ’15, Sports Editors, will replace Taylor Chin ’14, Michael Kim ’14 and James Judelson ’14 in the Sports Section.

“I hope they fall in love with the paper as I did, and I hope it transcends just being a job and becomes something they cherish,” said Chin.

?Ellie Simon ’15, former Features Associate, and Jack Lane ’15, former Operations Associate will take over Features for Jake Marrus ’14 and Remington Remmel ’14.
“I’m so excited to start pursuing hobbies like showering and flossing after turnover,” said Marrus.

Justine Wang ’15 and Lincoln Herrington ’16, Copy Editors, will inherit the Copy Section from Luke Stidham ’14, Natalie Kim ’14 and James Robertson ’14.

“After months of coddling and hand-holding, I know they’re ready to leave the nest and soar. I look forward to watching them maintain the precedent of grammatical precision and stylistic elegance that Natalie, James and I have set,” said Stidham.

“The Phillipian has changed my experience at Andover by introducing me to so many people whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and all those people are definitely the best part of working for the newspaper,” Robertson added.

Zoe Gallagher, Director of Production, will step down, and the Director of Production title will not continue on CXXXVII.

“Allen Ginsberg said, ‘whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.’ It has been my honor to have had some control and influence in an incredible organization,” said Gallagher.
Former Layout and Design Associates, Noah Hornik ’15 and Tom Johst ’15 will become Layout and Design Editors.

Scott Diekema ’14, Head of Photography, and Emmie Avvakumova ’14, Photography Editor, will pass the Photography Section to Alex Westfall ’15 and Lucius Xuan ’15, new Photography Editors.

“I know Alex and Lucius are going to rock the photo section, and I hope they love their Phillipian experience as much as I have. When Stephen and I joined The Phillipian three years ago as photographers, we had no idea what we were in for. It has been an incredible ride,” said Diekema.

“I learned to justify my opinion, to accept what others have to say, agree to disagree, and that sometimes you find friends in the people you least expect… My time on The Phillipian, has taught me that my passion and my commitment are both transcendent,” said Avvakumova.

Kastan Day ’16 will spearhead the new Video Section as Video Editor.

“I’m extremely excited to be developing video as a part of_ The Phillipian_. My aim this year is to enable video to be the strong part of the newspaper by making it consistent and sustainable in the years to come,” said Day.

Gregory Hosono ’14 and Logan Blaine ’14 will pass the online section to Alexander Jiang ’14.

Former Operations Associates Nolan Crawford ’15 and Eden Livingston ’15 will take over as Advertising Directors. Conner Cameron, former Operations Associate, will be the Director of Subscriptions. Together, the Operations team will assume the roles of Rome Arnold ’14, former Director of Operations, and former Operations Managers Grant Bitler ’14, Marjorie Kozloff ’14, Kenta Nomoto ’14 and Alex Sweeting ’14.

Katie Weaver ’15 and Viviane Garth ’15, new Cartooning Editors, will succeed Sierra Jamir ’14, former Head of Cartooning.