Injuries Plague Team and Lead to Losses

Lunging side to side, Co-Captain Jack Wain ’14 returned his opponent’s shots to claim the third set 13-11. Despite his hard play, Wain could not overcome a 2-0 deficit and ultimately fell to his Choate opponent in four games.

Andover Boys Squash suffered three consecutive losses this week, as the team lost to Choate (5-2), Westminster (7-0) and Exeter (6-1).
Andover’s injuries proved a large problem against Choate on Saturday.

“Choate was definitely a winnable match, but inexperience and injury hurt us. The injuries have been messing up our ladder all season, and we have a very inexperienced team this year because the majority of our team did not play Varsity last year. We are going to work on this by playing more matches during practice to get more game experience,” said Michael Huang ’15.

Following the match against Choate, Andover played Westminster in a doubleheader on Saturday. Suffering from fatigue from the Choate match, the team fell to Westminster, a top-ranked Division I team.

Facing highly-skilled Westminster opponents, all but one of Andover’s players lost in three sets.

Andover’s most disappointing loss, however, came against archrival Exeter, which is seeded below Andover in league standings.

Andover’s only point against Exeter came with a win from Huang at the top position on the ladder. After losing the first game 11-9, Huang picked apart his opponent’s strategy to win the next two games.

In the fourth and final game, Huang took more risks and attempted low percentage shots, and he found his rhythm to win the game and take the important top match.

Exeter’s experience at the bottom of the ladder, though, was too much for Andover to overcome. In addition to losing six matches in the two to eight positions, Andover forfeited a match due to the absence of Justin Curtis ’15, who was injured.

“The team has unfortunately still been plagued with injuries. [Kun Woo Kim ’14] was out due to his wrist, and Justin was forced to forfeit his last game against Exeter. We have two more matches this week and one next week before Nationals. The goal is for everyone to be healthy by Nationals. If everyone is healthy, our team should be able to do very well in Division III,” said Jake Rauh ’14.

Ranked high in Division III, Andover will try to come home with a much-needed victory.