Andover Pins Four Of Six Opponents

Justin Muchnick ’16 cleanly executed a Crossface Cradle to pin his opponent, carefully maneuvering his opponent’s body by latching an arm across his opponent’s face and onto the opposite shoulder. Muchnick’s 1:37 pin landed Andover one of its four pins on Wednesday, crushing Governors 64-6 and tacking on the team’s ninth win of the season. Andover pinned four of Governor’s six wrestlers and lost only one match, showing great improvement and depth of skill. Resilience proved essential throughout the day. Tom Daly ’16 wrestled a full six-minute match against his Governors opponent. Although he did not manage a pin, he racked up points from aggressive offensive moves and eventually took the match 11-2. Similarly, Elijah Aladin ’15 claimed his first Varsity victory in a grueling match, finally pinning his opponent in the final round. “The other team only had six guys but we wrestled our hardest and came away with the win,” said Tom Daly ’16. Co-Captain Christian Vallis ’14 swiftly flipped his opponent onto his back, pinning him in just 46 seconds. Looking forward, the team only has one more regular game before tournament season begins, and it still has much to improve on. “[We need to improve] conditioning and practicing in real match conditions, focusing on learning a specific skill set for each individual wrestler and refining it,” said Co-Captain James Palmer ’14. Muchnick added, “I’m still trying to get as comfortable as I can taking my shot from neutral. I was the aggressor in the match and took my guy down but I’m going to continue to work on my neutral position.” As many of the team’s younger wrestlers have performed well this season, Andover hopes to send a strong group of wrestlers to Class A Interschols and New Englands. “We’re also going to spend a lot of time drilling our favorite moves, so that we can feel really good about the stuff we’re going to hit come crunch time,” continued Muchnick. “Mentally, we’re going to make sure to take every opponent seriously. Tournaments are about being able to work hard against anyone that steps out on the mat against you, from the first round hopefully all the way into the semifinals and finals,” he said. Andover will have its first tournament, Northerns, this Saturday, followed by its last meet at Exeter next Wednesday.