Athlete of the Week: Emma Crowe ’15

_Crushing both her opponents in clean 3-0 victories, Emma Crowe ’15 kept the core of the ladder tight and played a pivotal role in Andover Girls Squash’s double trumping of tough competitors Exeter and Groton over the past week. Her prowess on the court and unmatched ability to keep her cool under stress have earned her the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week._

**How did your match go against Exeter this past weekend?**

The match against Exeter went really, really well for everyone on the team. It felt great to have so much support in the stands and from the team as well—it really was a team victory. Individually, we all needed to concentrate on different things. Historically, their number one and number two players have been really strong, so, in that sense, some of us had more difficult matches and some of us were fortunate enough to have matches that allowed for more self-reflection while playing in a lower-pressure setting. Personally, my match went really well—it was one of those matches where everything you’ve practiced seamlessly comes together and makes for some really great, enjoyable playing. At the end of the day, I felt like I played well, kept calm, and consciously worked on the things that needed improvement.

**When you tell people you play squash, do they sometimes mistake you for being a gourd enthusiast?**

Always, always.

**What does this week’s win against Groton mean for the team?**

Historically, Groton has always been a difficult team to play. They’re strong up and down the ladder so I think the whole team felt a bit of trepidation before the match. I think it means a lot to the team that we were able to pull this one out, especially because it was so close, and it’s both gratifying and inspiring to see the team’s hard work pay off. Hopefully, this momentum will continue to help the team realize our full potential and abilities.

**What is your favorite part of the team?**

My favorite part of the team is definitely all the support. As cliché as it sounds, we really all feel like we’re part of a family and that no matter what, at the end of the day, We can go to the squash courts and play or sing or dance or cry with people who will support us. In the past year, and even weeks, we’ve all grown so much closer and learned to really help each other out. Team dinners in Commons or Stowe House are always my highlights of the day or my week—it doesn’t hurt that Mrs. Elliott has the cutest kids in the world.

**Describe your racket.**

Black and red, but the grip is blue and yellow, courtesy of Maddie Mayhew during a pre-match emergency. Honestly, it’s the ugliest thing.

**Have you been doing differently lately to improve your game?**

Self-reflection really plays a huge part in training and in realizing what needs work. Whether it’s between games during coaching, during a post-match huddle or before practice, honest-but constructive-reflection is incredibly important. Lately, what I’ve been trying to work on is consistency of shots, rhythmic movement on court and fitness… especially fitness.

**Have any moments during the season thus far been particularly memorable?**

There are a couple particular moments that come to mind; most of them involve dancing, singing, crying or all three. For our team psyche on Friday, Girls Varsity and JV Squash had the best time just playing squash in the craziest outfits imaginable. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time.