This Week in Records 1/17



**Greg Devlin ’14: Most Threes in One Game**

_Last Friday night, in a close matchup against Milton, Greg Devlin ’14 tied the record for most three pointers in a game. Devlin has knocked down 41 points in the last week._

**How did you feel after your final three pointer?**

When I hit my final three of the night, I glanced over at Ryan Hartung ’12, who set the record for most three’s in a game in 2011, in the crowd, and kinda gave him a little smirk, as if to say, “At the top it’s just us,” quoting gerat Lil Reese.

**How does it feel to be a record-holder?**

It feels good to be a co-record holder. I didn’t really anticipate hitting all those threes, but as the game went on I felt that it probably be my best opportunity to at least tie the record. I also didn’t anticipate on seeing Ryan there, so it definitely added a little extra motivation with him watching on the sidelines.

**Are you looking to break your new record in the near future?**

I’m definitely looking to set a new record in our upcoming home games. Exeter better hope for a sunny day, cause the forecast is cloudy with a chance of threes.

* * *


**Boys Swimming Claims Three Records**

_In its first league meet of the season, Andover Boys Swimming blew Loomis out of the water with three shattered New England Records. Co-Captain Tim Wynter ’14, Aaron Teo ’15, Co-Captain Joe Faller ’14, Michael Camarda ’14, David Cao ’14 and Travis Bouscaren ’14 all boast the honor of having set a new record._

**What does it take to be a record breaker?**

**Faller: ** You have to want to be the very best, that no one ever was. 

**Teo: ** A lot of hard work and effort has to be put into every single practice day in day out.

**Best way to celebrate after a broken record?**

**Faller: ** Stretch out, recover, and then do it again. Three times.

**Teo: ** Definitely a bunch of fist pumping, lots of high fives and a ton of shouting at one another.

**What was the first thought that crossed your mind?**

**Faller: ** That’s it. Their writing our names in the history books.

**Cao: ** It’s awesome having a record, knowing that your name will stay at this school after you graduate is really something.

**What were you thinking as you cheered on your teammates?**

**Faller: ** If you screw this up, I will end you. But seriously dude, you’re amazing. We’re all amazing.

* * *


**Danielle Liu ’14: Three Pool Records**

_Returning to the pool after a loss earlier in the season, Andover Girls Swimming set five new records at Loomis, two of which were New England records and three of which were set by Danielle Liu ’14._

**How did you feel after your impressive meet?**

Exhausted, but really happy and proud of the team. I think we all performed so well, and the fact that we competed in meters, which most of us are not used to, and we still did as well as we did just shows how strong our team is. We adapted and were still able to come out on top.

**How does it feel to hold a New England Record?**

It feels good. I mean, it’s that feeling you get when you know all your hard work finally paid off- four a.m. practices, doubles, all the sacrifices I had to make for this sport. It goes to show that everything does eventually pay off and I’m glad I didn’t give up, because trust me, it was tempting. Sometimes you just have to power through because it’s worth it in the end, no matter how cliché that sounds, and of course, the support of my wonderful coaches, teammates and family makes everything a lot easier.

**Favorite way to celebrate a win?**

Food, family, friends, more food and chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is essential.