Casey McQuillen ’11 Appeared on American Idol

After the preliminary auditions, Casey McQuillen ’11 received a Golden Ticket allowing her to progress to the Hollywood Week round of American Idol, Fox’s hit TV show.

McQuillen appeared in the one-hour episode on Thursday, January 30th from 8:00 to 9:00 pm EST. This episode will be the last audition episode for Season 13 of American Idol. She will appear again on Wedensday, February 5.


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Since the season 13 premiere on January 15, the show has featured auditions from Boston, MA, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA and Salt Lake City, Utah. McQuillen auditioned in Omaha, NE, which aired for the first time on Thursday.

On December 23, McQuillen participated in a “Jingle Bell Rock” promotional video on YouTube for the upcoming season.

McQuillen is a 21 year-old singer and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from Andover in 2011, McQuillen enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston where she was awarded a talent-based scholarship, according to McQuillen’s website.  She is also a member of the Boston Common Band.

During her time at Andover, McQuillen was a member of Azure and frequently performed at coffee houses and Grasshopper Night. Before graduating, McQuillen released two albums on iTunes entitled “Enough” and “Passenger Seat.”

This season’s judges include Harry Connick Jr, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.

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_Idol Hollywood Week Contestants Perform “Jingle Bell Rock”_