Squash Courts Sanded And Re-Painted in Minor Renovations

The squash courts in Borden Gym now boast a freshly painted upper gallery as well as freshly sanded floors with repainted lines.

The renovation, which led by Mike Kuta, Director of Athletics, lasted two weeks over Winter Break.

Discussion about the squash court renovations began last year, but the project was postponed because the estimated cost was much higher than initially predicted. By Winter Term this year, the request for additional funding was approved.

“The school was very terrific in supporting our efforts in renovating the courts. We also did not want any interruptions to our athletic program, so we had to pick a time over break to do it,” said Kuta.

Because the courts’ surfaces have enormous impact on the safety of athletes during game play, the squash court floors are sanded annually. The other renovations were meant to keep the courts looking fresh and new, said Kuta.

Future renovations of Andover’s athletic facilities are currently being discussed. A new track is to be built in the coming years, and the gym and pool will also be refurbished in the near future, said Kuta. The proposal for these changes, however, is still in its early stages of development.

Kuta said that it is unlikely that Andover will construct a completely new athletics facility in the near future.