Turnovers Lead to Fourth Loss in Five Games

Despite Greg Devlin ’14 splashing four three-pointers and garnering four steals, Andover fell to Exeter 55-47 this past Wednesday.

The team’s fourth loss in the past five games dropped Andover’s record to 4-4.

Getting off to a slow start, Andover quickly fell into a 10-0 deficit at the start of the game.

“We needed more effort than anything else. I think that if we had a lot more energy and effort, it would have been a really good game for us,” said Devlin.

Kene Adigwe ’14 agreed with his teammate, noting that Andover didn’t show its trademark intensity.

“We just couldn’t get loose balls today. We didn’t make enough effort plays. It just came down to who wanted it more, and I guess they wanted it more today because they made more effort plays and they made less careless mistakes,” said Adigwe.

Exeter ran a matchup zone defense, which in its basic form is a defender playing man-to-man on the ball handler and other defenders playing zone. One of the inherent advantages of playing a matchup zone is that it is difficult for the offense to figure out which defense the opponent is playing. Deciphering Exeter’s defense was one of the main problems that Andover had during the game.

“They kept showing us different forms of the matchup zone, so in certain situations, they would go with a 1-3-1 matchup zone, or a 2-3 zone, and it kind of messed up our offensive flow,” said Adigwe.

Devlin said, “With their matchup zone, they’d stop our original play, then we’d run another, they’d stop it, and then we’d just stop moving after that. We would just go into this random offense and it didn’t work.”

Despite the loss, the players were able to find a silver lining to the game.

“We did force a lot of turnovers because they didn’t handle the ball well. That was good for us. We also got a lot of our points off of the three because they made us shoot deep shots,” said Devlin.

Devlin led the team with 12 points, Adigwe scored 11 points and Captain Jake Howell ’14 dropped 10 points.

On Friday, Andover will play Milton Academy for the third time this season and the team will face off against Tabor on Saturday.

In two previous meetings with Milton, Andover won 53-36 and 51-49. Previous experience against Milton before will help Andover as players and coaches plan to implement new game strategies and defenses to throw off Milton players.

“We’ve been playing well against [Milton], and we have a lot of confidence because we beat them twice. We’re going to pressure them and keep their big men out of the paint and we should be fine,” said Germaine Wright ’15.