LOTW: Alex Thomas ’15Scarves, Sweaters and Sophistication

Alex Thomas ’15 reminisces about her childhood outfits and the matching dresses she and her sister wore as little girls. As she’s grown older, her love for fashion has only grown stronger. “Fashion has always intrigued me. It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” said Thomas. Thomas said that although her style varies, it is mostly polished with a little edge. According to her friends, Thomas is not afraid to challenge the norms of fashion. “I love how Alex can create a casual, yet sophisticated look through unusual pairings. Her oversized sweaters and button-up flannels complement each other effortlessly and are accentuated perfectly through her gold jewelry embellishments,” said Kinsey Yost ’15. Thomas identifies Joan Smalls, a Puerto Rican fashion model, as her style icon. “I like the pieces she chooses—she always looks put together, but still fun,” she said. Although Thomas is not afraid to take inspiration from other people’s fashion choices, she is careful to avoid imitating any single style too closely. “I am open to taking risks and not wearing what everyone else wears,” said Thomas. She brings her own edge to these outfits by wearing articles of clothing featuring symbols like crosses, arrows and skulls. This is apparent in two of her favorite pieces of clothing, black leggings trimmed with leather and an Aztec print sweater. “My basic leggings got boring and I wanted to spice it up a bit! As a result, I have leggings with leather accent. These go with pretty much anything. They make any outfit a bit more fun,” said Thomas. Reflecting her open-minded style, Thomas likes to shop at a variety of stores. She particularly enjoys shopping in Boston with her friends. “I like Newbury Street, I go there all the time. I like to hit H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Forever 21… [I shop] anywhere I can find anything I like,” she said. Thomas is also an enthusiast of Tobi, an online retail store. When asked about the one essential item that never fails to complete her everyday style, Thomas didn’t hesitate to mention a chunky circle scarf. “I love fashion, but I also love being comfortable. There’s nothing more cozy than a cute scarf when it’s ten degrees out,” said Thomas.