Washburn Granted Leave of Absence, Will Not Coach Crew

Peter Washburn, Instructor in Mathematics and Director of Andover Crew, has taken a leave of absence for the Winter and Spring Terms, according to a December 8 email from Patrick Farrell, Dean of Faculty, to the faculty, administration and staff.

Washburn has been an integral member of the crew program since he joined the Andover community in 1980. Dale Hurley, current Girls Varsity Crew Coach and Instructor in Mathematics, will assume the role of Interim Director of Andover Crew, wrote Michael Kuta, Director of Athletics, in an email to The Phillipian.

Kuta said the process of determining other crew coaching assignments is ongoing. “We will need to fill one of the coaching roles by hiring a contract coach. We feel that it is important to be more deliberate with this process to support the crew program at the highest level,” wrote Kuta.

The reasons for Washburn’s leave of absence are private and unrelated to his health, wrote Farrell.

“I extend my thanks to the many faculty who have been involved in covering Pete’s assignments, and I sincerely appreciate your understanding that no further information is available,” wrote Farrell in his email.

Notice of Washburn’s decision was posted on the Andover Crew website on December 6. “The Andover rowing family make[s] up about ten percent of the alumni population. Many hundreds of rowers and their families are indebted to Coach Washburn for the wonderful training and experience that has been Andover Crew,” the post reads.

Paul Murphy, Dean of Students, notified students of Washburn’s leave of absence on Sunday, December 8th via email.