Wireless Printing Available in Susie’s, GW Mailroom and Sam Phil

Students are now able to print wirelessly from any computer to three different Academy-owned printers. The lobby outside of Susie’s, the George Washington Hall (GW) Student Mailroom and Samuel Phillips Hall (SamPhil) each have printers, according to an [email]( sent to students by Clark Perkins ’14 and Junius Williams ’14, Student Body Co-Presidents, on Monday night.

Blue Print is a wireless printing initiative led by Perkins and Williams. The project is in a trial phase and will be suspended if it becomes too expensive, if printer stations become messy or if printers cannot be maintained, said Williams.

“The stapler next to the SamPhil printer has already been stolen… Blue Print is an initiative meant for the entire student body, so it would be unfortunate for incidents of theft to derail its progress,” read Monday night’s email.

“Specifically, our goal is to make wireless printing available on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. Furthermore, we’d potentially like to see other buildings receive printers, assuming the current model is sustainable,” said Williams in an interview with _The Phillipian_.

The three locations were chosen for both their geographic positions on campus and their ability to prevent jams between those printing and those walking along hallways, said Williams.

“We figured that students would be more likely to have a class requiring printed documents in SamPhil than in buildings like Gelb and Morse. GW was the second clear choice because of the large day student presence on a daily basis. Finally, seeing as almost all students circulate through Paresky Commons, we wanted to place a printer in another heavily-peopled location,” said Williams.

Dominic Veneto, Director of Technology, and other members of the Technology Department offered technical support before Blue Print’s launch. The actual printers will be maintained by the Techmasters. Funding for the project was provided by the Technology Department, according to Williams.

Williams and Perkins have been working on the Blue Print initiative since spring 2012.

Instructions for connecting [Mac]( and [Windows]( devices to Blue Print were attached to Monday night’s email. The email alerted students that the SamPhil printer is currently experiencing some technical difficulties.

**Additional Resources:**

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