Campus is Cookin’

A signature late-October dessert, baked apples complete any cozy, fall meal in Paresky Commons. Campus is Cookin’ has made this classic recipe easier than ever with the following three steps.

1. CUT APPLE: Select one large green apple. Use a knife to cut through and around the stem to remove the apple core. Shave where the core was removed until there is a tunnel about one inch in diameter all the way through the apple.

2. MIX FILLING: In a small bowl, melt a spoonful of butter in the microwave for ten seconds. Then, thicken the butter with three spoonfuls of cinnamon sugar. Mix a scoop of juicy cranberries, raisins or both, into the butter and cinnamon sugar batter. Proceed by stuffing the apple with the fruit concoction.

3. BAKE: Place the apple in a medium-sized bowl and add about half an inch of water and two pumps of maple syrup to the bottom. Microwave the apple for two and a half to three minutes until it is slightly soft.

Dig in and enjoy this scrumptious autumn treat.