Boys Ride 7-Game Wave of Victory

Nick Faulkner ’16 and Marc Sevastapoulo ’15 whipped shot after shot past the St. John’s goalie last Saturday. The two combined for 12 goals in Andover’s 26-4 win.

“St. John’s is not in our league, so going into the game we all felt relaxed,” said Co-Captain Travis Bouscaren ’14. “Not to say we weren’t pumped for the game, but there was less pressure on us, which I believe made us play better.”

“Although we ended up winning very handsomely, we all learned that we play better water polo when we focus less on purely winning and instead focus on playing the best water polo we can,” he added.

Andover put on a show for the families that came to watch Andover play St. John’s at home. Tallying up a season high of 26 points while restraining St. John’s to a mere four goals, Andover excelled both offensively and defensively.

Goalkeeper Rome Arnold ’14 stopped ten of the St. John’s shots. Boasting a 71.4 save percentage, Arnold prevented St. John’s from gaining the lead throughout the entire game.

“The game went very well overall. We were missing Scott [Simpson ’14] and Joe [Faller ’14], and so we knew that we were missing some speed,” said Co-Captain Andrew Yang ’14. Yang scored two goals in the win.

Andover quickly adjusted to the slower style of game play to cruise to its sixth straight win.

“We made up for [the lack of players] with defense and good ball-handling,” continued Yang.

Andover once again excelled in its two-meter offense with eight different players contributing to the goal tally.

Chandler Washburn ’16 and Peter Fanikos ’14 snatched one goal each, and Bouscaren also added two goals.

David Cao ’14 and David Cho ’14 both tallied four goals.

As the game’s leading goal scorer, Faulkner put up seven goals and Sevastopoulo followed with five. Both players outscored the entire St. John’s team alone.

The win propels the team to a stellar 6-2 season record. After the game against Deerfield this Saturday, Andover will begin to prepare for the biggest game of its season against Exeter next Wednesday. Andover has shown that it can win close games and put away less competitive ones.

“We’ve all been training hard, and I’m excited to see just how much our team has improved,” said Faller. “Our water polo program hasn’t won a single game against Exeter for quite a few years now, so it’d be pretty legendary to be that class that puts us back up on the board,” he added.

In the playoffs, Andover will play teams that as skilled as Exeter. This game will be an indicator of what Andover still needs to improve on in order to perform at a higher level.