Caught in the Middle

Just five weeks into the term, summer’s sharp tang still remains on the tip of our tongues. No longer are we allowed to lose track of what day it is or sleep past lunchtime. Already, we have been hit with what often seems like an insurmountable number of major assignments, readings and problem sets. The reality, though, is that just as quickly as midterms have passed, the end of Fall Term approaches.
In the whirlwind of all things Andover, campus appears to never stop moving. Driven along by the weekly grind of club meetings, classes and sports practices, it’s easy to lose track of things that matter the most—our health, our friends, our family and the things that make us truly happy.
Ironically, the easiest way to survive Andover is to approach each day like the last—just another day of classes, just another club meeting, just another piano practice. It’s incredibly easy to become complacent and apathetic. The truth is that with each day that we blindly plow through the paths of campus, we let opportunities to learn and grow slip through our fingertips. Andover has so much more to offer, and sometimes that’s something we forget.
Juniors, you still have time to make mistakes, to fail miserably, to pick yourself up off the ground with a renewed sense of identity, passion and understanding. Of this, the rest of us are incredibly jealous. You have so much left to explore, so keep your eyes wide open and soak up everything.
Lowers, you face the most critical time at Andover. This is the year where reality slowly begins to creep up. No longer are your English and History classes pass/fail. Don’t worry, though—Lower year is full of surprises, as long as you’re up for the challenge. Venture out and meet new friends, join new clubs or start a new sport. Don’t let your enthusiasm from Junior year escape you; rather, foster it and take control of what may lie ahead.
Uppers, this is the beginning of a long stretch of seemingly endless work and all-nighters. Yet these coming terms will also prove to be the most formative, enriching and fulfilling of your academic time at Andover. Learn to love your classes. The endless readings are valuable—we promise. Step into your leadership roles as upperclassmen with enthusiasm and vision.
Seniors, here we are, at the beginning of the end. College applications and Fall Term grades loom ahead. As electives become more time-consuming, they are simultaneously all the more engaging and intriguing, allowing us to delve into the subjects we are passionate about. In retrospect, it has gone by all too fast, and we suddenly find ourselves at the helm of the teams, clubs and organizations that we have grown to love during our time here. The end is in sight, and looking out at what the future has to offer is both terrifying and inspiring. Let’s not forget to glance back and, remembering the upper-classmen who helped us through, reach out also to the Uppers, Lowers and Juniors who still have so much ahead of them.
Take this long weekend as an opportunity to step back and prepare yourself for the coming five weeks. They will be gone before you know it.

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVI.