Dean of Studies Office: New Midterm Grade Reporting System

Instead of receiving the traditional Honors/Pass/Unsatisfactory grade for midterm reports, students were informed of their performance in math and science classes on a 0-6 number system this past Wednesday.

Departments other than math and science gave out grades on a Pass/Low Pass/Fail scale, although they were given the freedom to choose which grading system they wanted to use for midterm reports, according to Trish Russell, Dean of Studies.

“The [History] Department chose P/LP/F/I because many of us have assigned papers in stages, and the stages, even if graded, do not represent the totality of student effort and achievement,” wrote Christopher Shaw, Instructor and Chair in History and Social Sciences, in an e-mail to The Phillipian.

Students also received optional comments detailing their academic skills, attendance, attitude, effort and performance in each class, according to John Rogers, former Dean of Studies.

House counselors, advisors and cluster deans gained access to their students’ midterm reports on Monday and Tuesday to address concerning issues as soon as possible.

The evaluation reports became available to parents and students on Parent Portal and PAnet on Wednesday, October 16, according to an e-mail sent to parents by Scott Hoenig, Assistant Dean of Advising, Betsy Korn, Associate Dean of Studies and Registrar, Patricia Russell, Dean of Studies and Paul Murphy, Dean of Students.