College Counselling Office: Seniors Attend College Admission Workshop

Instead of going to class on Wednesday, Seniors attended the College Counseling Office’s (CCO) first three-hour college application workshop and received advice from Andover College Counselors and Deans of Admission from various colleges. “Essentially, we are hoping to give the Seniors a window into how their applications are read and evaluated. How do admission officers reach decisions about applications?” said Anne Ferguson, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling.

The Seniors spent the first hour talking with their respective college counselors about the details of the application process. At 10 a.m., Seniors met in small groups with a Dean of Admission from one of various colleges. “This is an extremely busy time of year for college admission deans, and we feel honored that they are willing to take time out to travel to Phillips Academy and work with Seniors. It should help the Seniors tremendously as they move forward with their applications,” said Ferguson. The deans first discussed with the Seniors the evaluation process for a given application that arrives at their offices. Seniors then participated in a mock interview with one of the admissions deans.

“Most high schools have a workshop prior to the start of school to assist Seniors with the many details of the college admission process. Because we are a boarding school, it is difficult to make that work. This year, we have an opportunity to use Wednesday morning as a workday for Seniors… The CCO was delighted to have the time to work with Seniors,” said Ferguson.