Captains’ Feature: Amy Morin ’14 and Hannah Sorkin ’14

Co-Captains Amy Morin ’14 and Hannah Sorkin ’14 are defending Andover Field Hockey’s net well, leading the team to a five-game winning streak with a 7-1-1 record. Both Morin and Sorkin are defensive players who have been on the team for three years.

Morin is a four-year Senior from Lynnfield, Mass. As a three-year veteran, she leads the team by example. “[Amy] is committed to helping her teammates and she is an exemplary role model,” wrote Head Coach Kate Dolan in an e-mail to The Phillipian. “She is everything you want in a leader: calm, composed under pressure, selfless, approachable and dedicated to the team.”

“Amy is so special because she is so mother-like. She takes the time out of her day to make sure that she is checking up on everyone,” said Kelly McCarthy ’16.

Amy views her previous captains as guides to her own experience as a captain.

“I’ve always looked up to my captains and said ‘I want my Senior year to be like that,’” said Morin.

The other half of Andover Field Hockey’s captaincy, Hannah Sorkin, is a three-year Senior from Long Island, NY.

After being elected Captain, Sorkin realized that she would need to complement her skill of “leading by example” by being more vocal.

“I’ve realized that I need to more of a vocal leader. I would give everything 110 percent, and maybe that would expect our team to give 110 percent too,” said Sorkin.

Despite suffering a critical injury last year, Sorkin has continued to play an important role on defense.

Sorkin, a tri-varsity athlete who plays field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse, committed to Princeton University this past winter for ice hockey.

“Hannah deserves huge praise for her ability to return from a knee injury she suffered last fall in our game against Exeter. Few people realize the tremendous physical and mental effort required to bounce back from such an injury—it is a true test of an athlete’s fortitude.” wrote Coach Dolan.

Coach Dolan also praised Sorkin’s skills as a defender. “She rushes on our defensive corners and her ability to disrupt opponents’ corners is critical.”

“She has great ball control, and she is very good with her left hand which is rare in field hockey,” said McCarthy.

As Co-Captains, it is natural that the pair have become close over the season. Their friendship, however, goes beyond the working relationship that the captaincy brings.

“Amy is my best friend here,” said Sorkin. “Even though we live four and a half hours away from one another, we’ll still hang out.”

Morin added on, “[People] think we’re conjoined at the hip. I basically live on her couch.”

Coach Dolan wrote, “Amy and Hannah are leaders by example—they work hard, put the team first and respect their teammates.”

Morin and Sorkin will look to use their unique bond as Co-Captains and best friends to propel Andover Field Hockey to its first Championship in the past 20 years.