Trending This Term: Cobalt Craze

![]( Kim ’15 dons a bright blue chiffon top; and modest tan skinnies that do not distract from the hue of the shirt. “Cobalt blue is such a brilliant, bright color, but it’s classy too!” said Kim

![]( this look, Matt Osborn ’15 chose to implement texture into his outfit in order to tone down the vividness of his cobalt blue sweater. The casual knit renders the loud color more demure, making texture a good way incorporate a bold statement color into an everyday outfit. “I would describe my style not too preppy, but definitely not too sloppy,” said Osborn.

As crisp fall weather touches campus, a variety of multi-hued knits, sweaters and jackets are starting to pop up all over campus. However, some students take their looks to another level by adding a tinge of cool cobalt shades on their outfits to contrast the warm, red and orange-dominated New England landscape. Stand out this fall by adding a pop of hard-to-miss cobalt blue to your everyday look!

![]( Davis’14 does not shy away from daring colors, a tendency reflected in her choice to rock a striking royal blur polka dot dress. A New Yorker at heart, Davis loves to wear dresses that give her outfit a colorful edge. To complete her look, davis through on her favorite denim jacket and a necklace with keys strung on them. “I did it before ‘Zoey 101!'” said Davis, reffering to the fashion trend popularized by the television show.



![]( a simple cobalt tote, Natalie Kim ’14 adds a classic color twist to her minimalistic but put-together look.










Kene Adigwe ’14                        Natalie Kim’14                                                    Rhaime Kim ’15