The PACE Program: Paulson and Patel Join Team of PACE Faculty

This Winter Term, Personal and Community Education (PACE) will add two new faculty and one more section, enabling the program to maintain a size of 11 or 12 students per section, said Carlos Hoyt, Associate Dean of Students and Personal and Community Education (PACE) Coordinator.

PACE provides Lowers with a chance to discuss adolescent issues with faculty members and Seniors. Megan Paulson, Instructor in History, and Dr. Amy Patel, Medical Director, will join the team of PACE faculty. Paulson will teach a PACE section, adding to the program her love of conversing with students about controversial issues and her longtime Andover experience, said Hoyt. Patel will join Hoyt as a supervisor for the PACE Seniors in addition to teaching a PACE class.

Hoyt, who was previously the sole advisor to PACE Seniors, said that he is looking forward to having both a male and female advisor to male and female PACE Seniors. “She will also be able to complement my clinical, psychological counseling perspective with her medical, health and wellness perspective, so it has already been great,” said Hoyt.