Captains’ Feature: Diana Tchadi ’14 and Hannah Guzzi ’14

Co-Captains Diana Tchadi ’14 and Hannah Guzzi ’14 cheered, booted and drove down the field in Andover’s 1-0 victory over an undefeated Choate team on Saturday.

Tchadi and Guzzi are leading Andover Girls Soccer in its quest for the postseason this year. After attending the postseason in 2010 and 2011, Andover barely missed out on the playoffs last year.

Tchadi is a four-year Senior from Iowa City, Iowa, and plays an integral role in Andover’s defense. Guzzi, a four-year Senior from Southborough, Massachusetts, spearheads Andover’s offense. As team leaders both on-and-off the field, the four-year Varsity pair complement each other perfectly.

“[Hannah] inspires the team up front [on offense], while Diana inspires them in the back. It is the perfect complement,” said Head Coach Lisa Joel.

“[Diana and Hannah] are similar in that they are both really positive and really good influences,” said Caroline Shipley ’16.

While they may be similar in their positivity, both Tchadi and Guzzi agree that they are different types of players and leaders.

“[Hannah] provides the warmth and comfort someone needs where I might be the ‘do this’ voice you don’t want to hear,” said Tchadi.

As a duo, Guzzi and Tchadi anchor the team at both ends of the field. But even when they are not working together, both possess incredible talent and dedication to their sport.

Tchadi and Guzzi are both tri-varsity athletes. Guzzi plays soccer, basketball and lacrosse, while Tchadi plays soccer, and competes for both the indoor and outdoor track teams.

Tchadi also captains all three teams, a testament to her work ethic and leadership skills.

“Diana is uniquely driven as an athlete,” said Coach Joel. “[Diana] epitomizes the type of athlete that is improving herself when no one is watching.”

“[Diana] has such team spirit, and she is always so pumped and gets everyone else excited,” added Shipley.

When asked to describe her leadership style, Diana said, “I try and lead by example. I don’t think you can be an effective leader if you ask someone to do something and you’re not doing it yourself.”

Guzzi’s natural skill and years of experience make her a tough matchup for Andover’s opponents.

“Hannah is considered by opponents as really hard to stop, and unfortunately they usually have to use two players to stop her. And what’s great about Hannah is that she just sees it as a challenge,” said Joel.

As captains, Guzzi and Tchadi work together with Coach Joel to lead the team, a job made easier due to their strong relationship. “I think there’s just a dynamic between me, Diana and Lisa, always wanting the team to be better,” said Guzzi.

“[The team] couldn’t ask for more spirited, dedicated and fun-loving individuals, and put them together and you have the most dynamic and inspirational duo ever,” said Kinsey Yost ’15.

As Co-Captains, roommates and best friends, Tchadi and Guzzi will use their special bond and inspiring qualities to help turn around the team’s 3-5-0 record.