Around the World in 60 Minutes

also performed the piece “Svatba” from Bulgaria, with the soprano and alto sections of the Phillips Academy Chorus.

According to Ayumi Ueda, Founder of Women of the World, her dream of creating a musical group consisting of women from around the world came true four years ago.

In 2008, Ueda, who is of Japanese background, collaborated with other like-minded musicians to complete Women of the World. Currently, the group is made up of Ueda, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, Annette Philip from India and Pierre. They are often complemented by a band made up of equally diverse women.

“I believe that our message is that by fully, deeply understanding and learning each other’s culture through music, we can open a mutual understanding in many other levels,” said Renosto. “Trying to sing a song in another language and learning the culture is just a step towards the full cultural understanding.”

The group has received special honors from Bobby McFerrin, a Grammy Award-winning artist. The women previously have performed with other African musical icon Angelique Kidjo and Greek classical artist Mario Frangoulis.

“[Both] the women and the [Andover] singers sang phenomenally and I think that concert spoke to every member of the audience,” said Abbey Siegfried, Instructor in Music.