The Better Best

Last weekend, a survey dubbed “The Better Superlatives” was sent to just over half of the Class of 2014 via an anonymous e-mail. An imitation of the official Senior superlative survey released by “Pot Pourri” each year, this survey posed more inappropriate fields, ranging from “who would do sexual favors for grades” to “who would only apply to and get rejected from Ivy Leagues.” Although these questions were dismissed as overly offensive by much of the student body, some of them were also strikingly similar to the existing official superlatives released by “Pot Pourri” every year. Official superlatives such as “trophy husband/wife,” “most likely to check themselves in the Commons’ mirror” and “biggest gossip” could easily be construed as hurtful.

Down here in the newsroom, we brainstormed some new superlatives. While we think that superlatives can be a fun way of promoting class unity, they must be positive and encouraging.

The Even Better Superlatives:

– Best Laugh
– Most Likely to Invent the Time Machine
– Most Likely to be a Superhero
– Most Charming
– Most School Spirit
– Youngest at Heart
– Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize
– Next Wes Anderson/Sofia Coppola
– Next Beyonce/Jay-Z
– Next Chris Hughes
– Most Likely to Come Back and Speak at ASM