Captains Feature: Kate Wincek and Alex Becker

Co-Captains Kate Wincek ’14 and Alex Becker ’15 will the lead the Girls Andover Volleyball team this season with the goal of winning the New England Prep Fall Girls Volleyball Association (NEPFGVA) championship, an accomplishment the team has achieved four times in the last decade.

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**Kate Wincek ’14                                  Alex Becker ’15**

Both Wincek and Becker are three-year veterans who played on the 2011 Girls Volleyball Championship team and last year’s Finalist team.

Wincek, a Senior from Omaha, Nebraska, has been on the team since her Lower year. When describing her personality on the court, Wincek said, “I’ve always been very outspoken.” 

Wincek also credits previous captains for being her role models and grooming her for her current leadership role.

“I’ve had some amazing captains to look up to over my two years on the team, between Jaime Shenk [’12], Chelsea Ward [’12], and Alexi Bell [’13] last year,” said Wincek.

Wincek added, “[Bell’s] leadership style is slightly different than mine, as she was a more understated leader. Getting to see that and how [she] interacted with the team was really helpful for me this year.”

“Kate [is] a highly energetic and driven volleyball player whose dedication to, as well as knowledge and skill of volleyball makes her an obvious choice to lead this age-diverse team,” wrote Head Coach Clyde Beckwith in an e-mail to The Phillipian.

Complementing Wincek is Alex Becker, a three-year Upper from Charleston, South Carolina. Rising to her position as Captain as an Upper, Becker has shown her ability to lead the team by example.

“Alex Becker [is] a dynamic, spirited, and skillful player who leads by example both on and off the court. It is an honor to be elected as Captain in Upper year, so the team knows what a gem they have in her,” wrote Beckwith.

When asked about her leadership style, Becker said, “I try and lead by example; making sure that I exaggerate covering, taking a full approach; making sure that I’m shadowing [the] person who is passing the ball.”

Wincek and Becker have developed a trust in each other while on the court.

“This is our third year together, and so we have gotten chemistry on the court that is just built from working together,” said Wincek.

Becker added, “We work really well together on the court. We know that each other will be there to cover.” As well as being a formidable duo during matches, their combined personalities are a recipe for success for their teammates and coaches.

“I think our leadership styles balance out well—we’re both loud and outspoken, so there is a lot of energy between us,” said Wincek.

“They both push the team but also do a really good job of working together,” said Annette Bell ’16. With a 2-2 record this season, each Captain will try to make her presence felt on the court. Although last season’s undefeated record will be difficult to replicate, Becker, Wincek and the rest of the team will be working toward coming home with the biggest prize—The Championships.