Pottery to Photography: Art Course Offerings

The Andover curriculum is known for its diverse selection of classes, and the Art Department is no exception. Whether you’re a first time artist or an experienced one, Andover’s Art Department is bound to have a course available for you. The Art Department offers courses ranging from introductory courses such as Art 225A, a two-dimensional art course, to more advanced courses such as Art 500, an advanced studio art course. The topics of the courses encompass anything from broad mediums such as three-dimensional art to more specific electives like Art 302: Clay and the Ancestral Pot. For those at a beginner’s level, Art 225A, B and C cover the basic techniques of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, as well as photography and videography, respectively, making it easier to explore new types of art or develop a new interest. “In Art 225B, our first assignment was to create a clay slab depicting an animal. While I’ve done some 2-D art, I’ve never done 3-D art before, so I enjoyed working with a three-dimensional medium such as clay. It allowed my fellow peers and I to explore art from various perspectives,” said Larry Pan ’17. For more developed artists, the 300 level courses offered include Architecture I, Art 302 Clay and The Ancestral Pot, Drawing I, Painting I, Photography I, Art 310: Intro to Digital, Photography: the Landscape and Art 350: The Artist: Media and Meaning. The breadth of course offerings allows students to delve further into a more specific medium of their choice. However, a class like Art 302: Clay and The Ancestral Pot does not solely focus on creating ceramic pieces. It also allows students to dabble in archeology and geology. Other classes, such as Art 350: The Artist: Media and Meaning, teach students how to use art to communicate ideas through examination of artwork, film and popular culture. Soubie Im ’15, who is currently taking Art 350, said, “[The class] is great because it’s such a small class so there’s this great flexibility in terms of what we do in class. I’ve also been able to learn things about my classmates, such as their passions, that I had no idea about.” Other classes such as Drawing I or Photography I focus more specifically on a certain type of 2-D art and allow students to hone their skills through various projects. “From graphite pencil to charcoal to watercolor pencils, we covered a large variety of mediums that paved the way for distinct and innovative art pieces. Ms. [Emily] Trespas, [Instructor in Art,] herself is an incredibly engaging and enthusiastic person that made drawing more than just technique: she made it passion and art,” said Christine Zhang ’15, who has taken Drawing I. For those who are interested in art history, the Art Department offers Art 400, an art history course that covers history from Gothic cathedrals to Leonardo Da Vinci. Furthermore, for those who have demonstrated exemplary ability in art and would like to continue taking art courses at a more advanced level, Art 500: Advanced Studio Art allows students to create pieces that represent a culmination of their Andover art career. “Art 500 taught me design concepts to build upon the foundation skills I learned early in my artistic pursuits. It gave me the confidence to string all I’ve learned together and create large scale projects outside my comfort zone such as paintings and sculptures,” said Molly Magnell ’14, who completed Art 500 last year.