Fuel Up with Paresky’s New Power Bar!

Offering everything from beans to beets, the Power Bar, Paresky Commons’ newest addition, promises to provide both healthy and delicious lunch options for students. The Power Bar is a “pilot” experiment with the goal of providing healthier meal options for students. Chefs at Paresky Commons spent time over the summer coming up with healthy, delicious recipes ranging from whole wheat pasta salad to edamame hummus. “Our goal was to ensure we were providing the community with foods that would enhance immunity and assist with day to day performance in both the classroom and on the athletic field,” said Paul Robarge, Senior Food Service Director. The idea for the Power Bar came from a precedent program at Stanford University that offers high performance dining. “[The Power Bar] has an educational purpose. It’s to teach you which foods are high performance foods,” said Aggie Kip, Nutrition Counselor and Sports Dietician. Kip, along with Robage and Mike Giampa, Food Service Director, is responsible for initiating the Power Bar. The Power Bar will introduce students to a whole way of eating. For example, at regular salad bars, many of the prepared salads have mayonnaise in them. At the Power Bar on the other hand, the salads contain healthier fats such as avocado and olive oil. The options at the Power Bar vary everyday. According to Kip, one of the favorites is the grilled brussel sprouts. The Power Bar once ran out of the brussel sprouts in a matter of hours. There were no leftovers and Paresky Commons had to process more brussel sprouts than ever before. According to Andover’s nutrition blog, Nutribilia, the foods at the Power Bar are chosen for their performance-boosting nutrients that will provide energy for athletic stamina as well as optimal brain functions. “You’ll see a lot of deep purple and a lot of deep red colors. Lots of whole grains, lots of beans and hummus,” said Kip. Kip hopes that the Power Bar will be become a permanent addition to Paresky Commons. The reaction from students has been very positive. In the midst of lunch, the line to get to the Power Bar often starts by the panini station. “You all come here to do extraordinary things, and you want to be at your best. And doing that with food is certainly manageable,” Kip said.