Emilia Figliomeni ’14: Beyond Motion and Reels

For Emilia Figliomeni ’14, art has been a lifelong pursuit that has flourished during her time at Andover. The four-year Senior from Bologna, Italy, has a particular interest in illustration and filmmaking. “I guess I would describe both making and appreciating art as a necessity. Without it, I wouldn’t be happy,” Figliomeni said. “I think my art has become increasingly conceptual to the point that sometimes people don’t entirely understand it,” Figliomeni said of how her work has evolved since Junior year.One of her most recent projects is a short video, entitled “Found”, made during a summer program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The film features a girl moving non-linearly through space in an attempt to find and reconnect with herself. Prior to Andover, Figliomeni had never received a formal art education. However, since Junior year, she has taken a variety of art-related classes, participated in an assortment of clubs and written for The Phillipian’s Arts and Leisure section. In particular, The Andover Moviemakers Club (AMC) has had a large impact on her involvement with the arts through FilmLabs and the Green Cup Challenge Video. “Thanks to AMC, I was able to continue pursuing my interest in film when I was no longer in a film or animation class.

Being able to use the club’s equipment allowed me to work on various projects,” said Figliomeni. In addition to film, Figliomeni also has an interest in drawing. “My illustrations have a relatively cartoony style and I like using colors sparingly to accent certain elements,” she said of her artistic style.

Multimedia  Courtesy of Emilia Figliomeni

Figliomeni often uses ink washes and colored pencils to create her designs. “I’ve decided that I actually want to study film in college, but I don’t think I could ever abandon drawing completely. I love the extreme focus that I experience when I draw,” she said. Figliomeni has received a variety of encouragement from her friends and family throughout her four years at Andover. “Without my parents’ support, I don’t think that I would have been able to pursue art to the extent that I have. Without my teachers, I wouldn’t have the skills I have today.

And without my friends, I don’t think that I would have been able to find as much happiness in my work,” she said. When asked what advice she has for new students who have an interest in art, Figliomeni responded by urging such students to pursue their interests as much as possible. Although she acknowledges how strenuous and hectic the environment at Andover can be, she encourages involvement in art-related classes, clubs and other extracurriculars. “If you have an interest and choose to ignore it now, the consequences could be catastrophic: a job you hate, unhappiness and regret. If after pursuing art at Andover you then decide that art isn’t for you, at least you will know for sure that you didn’t miss your chance at happiness,” Figliomeni said.