Senior-Heavy Team Has High Hopes

Despite a tough 1-0 loss to Milton in its season opener this past Wednesday, Andover Girls Soccer is looking to capture the New England Championship this year. Coming off of a disappointing season filled with injuries, the young team has added 12 players to their roster, including Jordyn Fenton ’17, Deyana Marsh ’17, Cassandra Chin ’17, Natalia Suarez ’17 and Antonia Tammaro ’17. The team fell short of expectations in the 2012 season, failing to make the playoffs after injuries to strong players, including midfielders Katie Kreider ’14 and Zoe Chazen ’14. “I love playing with every person on the team and I’m sad I missed out on playing with most of these girls last year. Personally, I just want to stay healthy so that I can make a bigger contribution to the team this year and do whatever I can to help the team be successful,” wrote Kreider in an e-mail to The Phillipian. Andover fell behind early in its first game of the season and was unable to recover. A goal by Milton within the first 20 seconds proved enough to topple Andover. While Co-Captain Hannah Guzzi ’14 and Kreider took numerous shots on Milton’s goal, their attacks were deflected by Milton’s goalie. Andover’s goalie, Elizabeth Kemp ’15, played equally well as her teammates, netting a total of seven saves. While Andover took home a tough loss, the season opener also brought some positive takeaways. Jeanine Moreau ’17 and Marsh debuted well in the backfield, complementing strong tackles from Sarah Humes ’16. “Once we calmed down and started to get into the motions of playing together, we created a lot of dangerous opportunities and we were just not able to capitalize on them. If we keep coming together with each game, we will have a great season. I’m proud of the way that we played as a team,” said Co-Captain Diana Tchadi ’14. “It was a great first game. We were able to see how we can play together. It was definitely not a bad loss and I am very excited for our next game on Monday. This season we are focusing on working together as a team, keeping ourselves healthy and just taking it one game at a time,” said Guzzi. Andover will look to claim its first win this coming Monday when it faces off against Rivers.