New Year, New Styles

As the school year comes to life with new and returning students, the Andover fashion scene is witnessing new and returning styles. Not only is Andover diverse in culture, but it is also diverse in fashion. Rocking styles from boho chic to edgy, these seven students are among campus’ bestdressed.

In this look, Jennifer Kim ’16 rocks a simple white top and cream-colored blazer. To add a pop of color to her look, she wears a bold coral statement necklace to match her shorts and nail polish.

“I have 20 statement necklaces. If you have something casual to wear, put a statement necklace—it always ties everything together!” said Kim, whose style can be described as boho yet sophisticated.

An experimental fashion dresser, Alexandra Barr ’15 often plays with different dressing styles.

“I like to change up my style a lot. Everyday I can be a different person,” said Barr. In the picture above, Barr is rocking a sea foam blue high-waisted skirt with a light wash, sleeveless jean jacket in a look she likes to call “little city.”

Grace Dexter ’17 always incorporates one of her 13 favorite sweaters into her outfits. Another one of her signature fashion items is her red handkerchief headband that is accented by her neon pink hair.

“I always wear a headband. This one is lucky; my mom gave it to me,” said Dexter, who is photographed donning a chevron-pattern cardigan with a blue button down.

Alec D’Alelio ’14 is not only known for his crowd-awing guitar skills. Having a laid back but well put together look, D’Alelio manages to jazz up his Senior shirt with a unique necklace from Peru and electric blue jeans.

“I got the necklace for one [Peruvian] Sol, which is about 33 cents. I got five of them!” said D’Alelio, whose everyday choice of colored jeans and baseball hats fits his hobby of skateboarding.

“If you’re looking for your own sense of style, thrift stores are really good places to start,” said Haille Mackenzie ’15, who credits thrift shops as her favorite place to discover new fashion finds. In a look that’s all her own, Mackenzie mixes a simple gray cotton sweater with her signature skinny jeans, colorful rings and simple bracelets.

Lauren Smith ’15 gets most of her fashion inspiration from her home state of California. According to Smith, her fashion philosophy is to wear clothing that is trendy but also casual.

“It has to be comfortable to wear to class, but hopefully not too bad on the eyes,” said Smith, who paired high waisted jeans with a funky black blouse with red, tribal-paterned sleeves.