Andover Undergoes Four Major Renovations During Summer Break

The Phillipian sat down with Larry Muench, Director of Facilities, and discussed some of the 86 campus construction projects completed by the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) this summer. The projects range in magnitude from installation of fire sprinklers in dorms to a complete renovation of Bishop Hall. Some noteworthy projects are featured below. Building Access Control Public Safety and OPP together reviewed all the exterior doors of 27 academic and administrative buildings on campus to improve campus building security. OPP felt that prior to the modification, it was difficult to perform a campus lockdown in case of an emergency due to the existence of multiple side entrances to buildings. They identified doors that will now either remain locked at all times or unlocked during the day and locked at night. Doors chosen to be unlocked during the day received a modification so that to lock them, someone inside the building had to simply turn the key that is integrated into the new hardware. Side doors of Sam Phil will be locked at all times and students coming from Morse Hall and George Washington Hall (GW) will have to use either the main entrance or the back door facing the Gelb lawn. The side door of GW that leads into the Day Student Locker area will also remain locked throughout the day. People will be able to exit through these locked doors at all times. A lockdown drill performed during Summer Session proved the new system to be effective. The total cost of the security reinforcement project was a little less than $20,000. Bishop Hall Renovation A several million dollar project, the renovation of Bishop Hall was the largest and most expensive construction that OPP conducted over summer. In the first renovation since the mid-1960s, Bishop Hall received a complete interior refurbishment and now features new walls, flooring and furniture. OPP broke down the wall that had previously separated the South and North sides of the building, and the two separate foyers that extended from the main doors to the common room were merged into one. Changes were also made to the wiring, plumbing and electrical systems. Bancroft will be the next dorm renovation project and will most likely happen within the next several years. Boys Locker Room renovation The Boys Locker Room in Borden Memorial Gym has been completely renovated and now features brand new lockers and benches. The walls were repainted, and better lighting structures were installed. A new ventilation system was also installed to increase airflow and reduce unpleasant odor. The space in the back of the lockeroom, previously left unused by students, was transformed into a large storage area. The total project cost was between $300,000 and $400,000. There is currently no plan to renovate the Girls Locker Room. Smith Center Bathroom Upgrades The previously single-stalled women’s bathroom in the Smith Center now has three stalls and three sinks to accommodate more people, especially during testing and dances. It also features new walls, floors and lights. The men’s bathroom still only has one urinal and one toilet, but the space was repainted and cleaned. The project amounted to approximately $50,000.