Amy Richards Speaks to Girls Leadership Project About Feminism

After graduating from Barnard College, Amy Richards embarked on an unexpected career as a feminist activist. In her PBS document on the women’s movement in America, “Makers: Women Who Make America,” she encourages people to take action against the injustices women face.

In light of the discussions happening on campus about gender, leadership and equality, the Andover Film Club and the Girls’ Leadership Project (GLP) invited Richards to Andover on Friday to examine current feminist issues and inspire students to put an end to the social stigma that is associated with the word “feminism.”

“I think that we perpetuate this assumption that the only way for women to be successful is by being a CEO, Director or other top-notch leadership positions. I think that we should be more imaginative and not limit the only leadership role for women as that,” said Richards.

“When a female runs and loses, they feel like they failed women. When a man runs and loses, he’s lost. And I think that that is the reason why women don’t want to assume that responsibility. I also think that there are greater barriers when women put themselves in the position,” said Richards.

Nonetheless, Richards was optimistic about the feminist movement at Andover and nationally, where she viewed the distribution of “FEMINIST” t-shirts last week as a positive stride towards improvement.

“I see such a profound change due to the efforts of feminism movement supporters. I see so many more women taking on responsibilities, hopes and trying to achieve something more for themselves. This has been very positive change that I witnessed recently,” said Richards.

Richards screened two segments from her PBS documentary to supplement her presentation.

Richards now runs the foremost feminist lecture agency, Soapbox Inc: Speakers Who Speak Out, and is the mother of two sons.