Grandparents Raise Three Times As Much as Last Year

Over 400 grandparents from around the globe gathered in George Washington Hall to register for Andover’s annual Grandparents’ Day last Saturday. Academic scheduling on Saturday morning gave grandparents the opportunity to sit in on their grandchildren’s classes. Grandparents’ Day, in addition to providing grandparents the opportunity to experience a day of their grandchildren’s Andover education, is also an opportunity for the school to raise funds. This year, the Grandparents Society, which organizes Grandparents’ Day fundraising, raised $243,148 for the grandparents’ gift to Andover compared to last year’s $ 79,546, according to Stacy Gillis, Assistant Director of Annual Giving Communications. “[I] particularly appreciate the fact that it is, I gather, just a normal class covering material that would have been discussed even if we were not there. The teachers at Andover are so outstanding; it is a real treat to watch them in action, and the students participate fully so we feel as though we have really had an insider’s view of the school,” said Jean Gould, grandmother of Phoebe Gould ’15. In the case that a student didn’t have class during first period, grandparents were able to take part in various activities across campus, including an archaeological scavenger hunt and a master class at the Addison Gallery of American Art. During the scavenger hunt, hosted by the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, participants followed 15 clues, where each mystery solved allowed grandparents to learn more about the collections held at the museum, according to the Grandparents’ Day invitation. During second period, Page Roberts, Archivist, shared her plans for the Archives and Special Collections, focusing on student use of the collections and their incorporation into the curriculum. Following the end of classes, the Addison held two master classes for grandparents and grandchildren who had RSVP’d beforehand. The master classes were lead by Brian Allen, Director, and Rebecca Hayes, Addison Curator of Education, and attendees learned about curating and installing an exhibition. They also witnessed how students at Andover used the Addison’s resources. Grandparents were also able to enjoy lunch with their grandchildren in Paresky Commons, though many chose to eat at restaurants in the surrounding area. “Walking around with [my grandparents] was a good way for me to spend time with them, but also to show them the school and tell them a little bit about my life here,” said Lily Grossbard ’15. Following lunch, grandparents and their grandchildren gathered in the Underwood Room for a dessert reception featuring Head of School John Palfrey. The day’s activities concluded with the Student Showcase in Kemper Auditorium, where the academy’s a capella groups, Azure, The Yorkies and Keynotes, performed. Some of the Blue Key Heads also attended the event and performed. Following the student showcase, Palfrey addressed the audience, along with Grandparent Society Chairs Dick Phelps ’46 and Sally Phelps, grandparents of Matthew Jacobs ’14. Junius Williams ’14, School Co-President, spoke on the importance of grandparents in the lives of Andover students. “Grandparents have played a vital role in Andover’s wonderful culture of philanthropy through contributions to the School’s Grandparents’ Society,” said Gillis. This year’s Grandparent’s Day attendance exceeded last year’s by 100 people. Grandparents’ Day is a combined effort on behalf of the Office of Academy Resources (OAR) and Cammie Melius, Parent Fund Manager, Ann Harris, Director of Class, Reunion and Parent Giving, and Gillis.